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Delete or Remove your facebook timeline with single click

Facebook always used to update some interesting features to attract people more towards it. The recent one was facebook timeline. Though facebook timeline seems to be interesting with extra added timeline cover, Stories and apps many people are not comfortable with it. Even few days before all the facebook pages has been upgraded to timeline in default. Facebook haven’t given any official way to remove the timeline yet.

facebook timeline

Why people are rejecting timeline?

The facebook timeline was introduced with a tag line “Tell your life story with a new kind of profile” One part of the tag line is true as it is a new kind of profile but it can’t tell one’s life story at all…!! let me explain why, Many of us are just using the facebook from past few years and how can the timline say about the whole life of us till now, so the tag goes wrong.

As it is a new feature many people are confused with the options on facebook profile. As old profile was handier to use than the timeline, many of the people are interested to go back through the old profile.

There are many ways to get rid of that facebook but the method differ to each browser. Today i will share an interesting trick, through which you can disable your facebook timeline with single click. Through trick can be used for Google chrome, Mozilla firefox, Safari and Internet browsers.

Pro’s of the trick

1. You can see your facebook profile will old style

2. Even all your friends profiles who are in timeline will also be visible as old profile.

3. Very easy to do this unlike other tricks.

Con’s of the trick

1. This will appear only to you. Your friends will see your normal facebook profile.

Follow the steps below

1. Go to http://www.timelineremove.com/

2. Scroll a bit on the home page and select your browser

3. Download and install the extension.

4. Now just restart your browser to let the trick come into action.


There is No such trick that will completely removes your facebook time line. Here we will just tweak our browsers to get the old facebook timeline.

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