World’s Popular 6 Facebook Fan Pages List

Facebook fan page are the best ways for the famous companies to get interacted with people and there are thousands of facebook pages and these are the top 6 facebook fan pages. All of them are well known to us but, check the post for interesting facts about them and like them to support in them in future.

1. Facebook

Facebook fan page

Number of likes: – 69,427,434 likes.

People talking about this: – 356,143

Mark zuckerberg is the founder of facebook fan pages. This social networking site was launched in February 2004. According to the 2012 may survey list there are almost 900 million facebook users from each and every corner of the world. Actually the facebook was started in the Stanford university by the zuker along with his roommates and later it spread to many universities and now spread everywhere in the world. Facebook ranks 2nd in “Alexa traffic rankings”

2. YouTube

Number of likes: –  60,453,345 likes.

People talking about this: – 377,130

Youtube is yet another well known Video sharing website which is now owned by Google. Actualy the youtube has been started by Three Paypal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 2005 to share, view, and upload videos. But later Google bought if for 1.6 Billion $ from them on November 2006.Now YouTube is updated with many interesting  features like Channels, Subscriptions, live Podcasts, Search filters etc… It ranks 3rd in the “Alexa Traffic rankings”

3. Coca-Cola

Number of likes: – 44,979,408 likes.

People talking about this: – 483,672

The story of coca-cola begins in the 19th century. It is just a carbonated soft drink which is sold almost in 200 countries all over the world. It is the only the drink that people are drinking from decades without getting bored. The flour of the coca-cola is still the same. In simple it is referred as coke. The bottle shape of the coca-cola is very famous and called as “contour bottle”.

4. Disney

Number of likes: – 37,174,812 likes.

People talking about this: – 606,994

The Walt Disney Company is in short referred as Disney. It is founded, by Walt and Roy Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio on October 16, 1923. It is well known for its film studio “the Walt Disney Studios “ and today it is one of the largest and best-known studios in the world of Hollywood. The Worlds famous Cartoon figure Mickey Mouse was the creation of The Walt Disney Studio. The Movie world without this is unimaginable…!

5. M TV

Number of likes: – 35,640,381 likes.

People talking about this: – 526,242

M TV was the first music television whose roots are from Americas and launched on August – 1 -1981. Millions of music fans from all over the world are adductors for this famous channel. The concept of VJ (video Jockey) was first introduced by it and still this is being continued. Going aside from musical stuff it also well known for its scripted television programs targeted young adults. The Indian version of M TV was launched on 1996. In recent times Programmes like MTV Roadies, MTV Rock On are very popular among the youth.

6. Converse

Number of likes: – 31,961,907 likes.

People talking about this: – 277,796

“Converse” is familiar American shoe company which is making shoes, lifestyle fashion and athletic apparel since 19th century. It is well known for its trend settings and creative models.

That is all about the top 6 facebook fan pages.Stay tuned for more interesting facebook buzz..!

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