Don’t Make a Promo Video until You Read This

Professionals often claim that making a promo video isn’t the major issue. Rather, making one that converts and makes an impact is the issue. Thus, there are some tips and recommendations that you need to have at the back of your mind before you even think of making a promo video. For starters, click here.

For most people, and even companies, shooting a promo video is not an easy task. It is an extremely complicated art form and requires immense coordination skills. In fact, some companies hire an entire production team to shoot their promo videos. This is because most promo videos don’t come cheap! The costs of production can run into thousands of dollars. This is even if you’re trying to get just a single promo video shot.

So, how do you make a promo video that will get noticed by most people? Your first step is to find out what style of the video looks the best. You can use funny footage, documentary-like clips, or real-life shots. A lot of smaller companies and individuals use specialized promo video software to create their content. If your promo video emanates from software, you may not even tell the difference if, say, you compare it with one from a high-end video production team. Therefore, here’s what you need to know prior to making a promo video:

Research Well Before the Promo Video

Carry out research before you actually invest in creating the promo video. If you already have a bunch of promotional videos in the works, you can use footage from them as the basis for your new promo video. It’s important that you keep all the footage assets for your project organized and tidy. You will be shocked at how many times the video ends up being forgotten because it was lost in a folder with fifty other files.

Get a Clear Vision on the Promo Video

Make sure you have a clear vision of how you want your video to look like. If you have a lot of experience producing visuals, then you have a pretty clear idea of what your video will look like. However, for those that are new to promo video making, you need a lot of direction. That’s where good planning comes in and using the right promo video tools. Write out what you want your video to look like and how you can achieve that look.

How Are You Shooting the Promo Video

Next, think about the logistics of shooting the promo video. Do you have a location? How do you get access to that location if you need it? Can you afford the devices needed to shoot the promo video? How are you paying the cast? If not, then do you know any specialized software that you can use? There are all kinds of little details that can stand in the way of you shooting your promo video. And you need to iron them out as early as you can.

Think About Editing

When you finally have a rough cut of your video, you need to go back and edit all the shots together. This is the last step before you can share the end product with potential clients. Many people mistakenly share their promo videos without editing them.

Keep it simple. Choose simple shots that will speak to your audience and make it as personal as possible. Use lighting wisely to create drama in your video and don’t forget to add music. Think of iconic images and names that will represent your company, as you get the right shots.

You need to carefully select where and how you use certain skills, such as slow-motion in your promo video. You should also take the time to switch between different shots. Your video needs to jump around and be interesting. Use transitions from Film Impact to draw viewers’ attention to your dynamic video at an affordable price.

Produce HD Promo Video

One of the best tips of all is to produce your promotional video in HD. This will ensure that your video has a clear and crisp image that will attract many viewers. This is especially important if you are shooting for your company or website marketing.

Have a Steady and Reliable Camera

Aside from getting the right camera, another tip is to have your camera on a tripod. People love to watch a stable shot and this will help you get over the ‘fade’ that is common with amateur videos. You need to keep your hands steady and prevent moving them. Try to compose the shot. If you have to move your arms, then you need to make sure that they are steady.

But this is a problem you’re less likely to encounter when you use the right specialized promotional video software.

Final Thoughts

Finally, choose high-quality promotional video tools if you aim at competing well. There are tons of options available these days, and it would help if you sampled out all of them and get the program that will help you advance your business and personality/brand.

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