Facebook and Video Marketing: 6 Tips for Success

It is no secret that Facebook advertising provides an especially high return on investment (ROI) in the context of online marketing. However, the occasional ad mixed into user Facebook feeds will not suffice. Your business will greatly benefit from utilizing best practices for social media video marketing on Facebook, like strategically timed posts, keeping an open dialogue with customers, and so much more.

Tip #1: Video Embedding

Embed videos onto your Facebook page and you’ll make your brand that much more engaging. Embedded videos add depth to your business, making it multidimensional in the context of marketing. Ideally, the marketing videos embedded into your Facebook page will feature one or several employees to humanize your brand all the more.

Put your team’s smiling faces on display in your Facebook videos and you’ll knock down interpersonal barriers, creating a rapport with your target audience that inspires return visits, curiosity about your company and most importantly, sales.

Tip #2: Take Advantage of Facebook 360 Videos

Facebook 360 videos are different from traditional videos in that they are made with cameras that capture surroundings in a full 360 degrees. Upload a Facebook 360 video and your audience will have the opportunity to rotate and pan the scene as desired, creating multiple angles for optimal engagement and understanding. Videos with immersive qualities are more likely to spur conversions simply because it empowers the audience to interact with the social video in a unique manner.

Add Facebook 360 videos featuring your business’s place of operation and you’ll create an even stronger rapport with your target audience. Such behind-the-scenes footage piques audience interest as it provides an opportunity to see what your company is really all about without leaving the comfort of home.

Tip #3: Focus on the First 5-10 Seconds

The initial 5-10 seconds of your Facebook video means more than the rest of the video. Psychologists unanimously agree that first impressions are important yet most people underestimate the pace at which first impressions are formed, especially in the context of advertising. Put yourself in the position of a target prospect who surfs the web over to your Facebook page or finds an embedded video within his or her Facebook feed. Such a prospect is likely to give your video a chance, albeit a brief one.

If your Facebook videos fail to engage the audience within the initial 5-10 seconds, they won’t prove nearly as successful as they should. Artfully present your message in this important early window of opportunity and you’ll maximize engagement for the remainder of the video while also boosting conversions of those who tend to quickly digress away from online content after grazing the surface. In short, the initial component of your Facebook videos has the potential to plant a mental seed that sprouts profitable conversions.

Tip #4: Use Action-Oriented Words

You won’t be able to convert every single user who views your Facebook video content, but your best chance to capture their attention is by encouraging action. Try incorporating a call-to-action at the beginning of your Facebook marketing video, and then reinforce it at the end.

Encourage the audience to recognize your value offering and take action by filling out a contact form, adding their information to an email subscription list, visiting your homepage or placing an order. The power of suggestion, especially when repeated throughout the content, really does have the potential to motivate the audience toward conversion.

Tip #5: Tap Into the Power of Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a golden opportunity to stream live video directly from the popular social media platform. However, the most successful businesses recognize that using Facebook Live at a high frequency has the potential to alienate target customers. Space out your Facebook Live streaming sessions instead of oversaturating your audience with one live streaming session after another and you’ll create the impression that your business and value offering have significant value.

Prepare for your Facebook Live video streaming sessions well ahead of time, eliminate distractions during the session and you’ll optimize engagement. Such a strategic approach to Facebook Live and Facebook video specs makes a lasting impression and also entices the viewing audience to eagerly anticipate the next live streaming session.

Tip #6: Create a Video Playlist

YouTube video playlists are popular yet little is made of Facebook video playlists. Create video playlists on both platforms and the viewing audience will seamlessly transition from one informative video to the next, soaking up all the information about your company and its value proposition without the clunky encumbrance of sorting through individual feeds or clicking one related video at a time. Playlists make it easy for viewers to sit back and relax, letting one video after another play in sequence.

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