The 3 Best Beats Earphones to Date

Beats was always a respected name in the world of audio products, but after Apple acquired the company back in 2014, their products have evolved even further. Not only do they look and feel better now, the actual audio experience from the products has also improved significantly. In case you have not tried any of the new Beats headphones since 2014, you should find any one of the following models to be quite a pleasant surprise.

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A perfect combination of elegant design, portability and excellent audio quality, the BeatsX wireless, in-ear headphones is one of the most popular products in the company’s arsenal. Add 8-hours of battery life to that, alongside Apple’s own W1 chip which enables easy pairing with any device running iOS or Mac OS and we instantly have one of the best earphones available in the market today. Although it generally fits pretty well, it is advised that you try out a few specialized Beats earbud tips if you want them to stick to your ears when you go for a run, a workout session or just use it outside the house.


A more affordable choice, the urBeats earphones are particularly famous for their sturdy build quality and a whole range of available colors which usually match that of the iPhones. It is to be noted that the wired earphone retains the original Beats design from the old days so it will immediately appeal to your nostalgia. However, the design isn’t the only thing that the urBeats earphones have in common with the older Beats models, because they are also quite bass-heavy, just like the old days and some users still love that. Aside from listening to media, they also allow the user to take calls, thanks to the attached inline mic and a single button to start or end calls.


These are not cheap, but if you are looking for the most durable pair of wireless Beats earphones out there, you need to buy the Powerbeats3. In line with hardy earphones that are primarily targeted towards the fitness enthusiasts and sports persons, the powerbeats3 is water/sweat resistant and won’t fall off your ears when you are moving around a lot. Check out the best features about the Powerbeats3 below.

  • Water, sweat and dust resistant
  • Hook fit for staying on even when you are exercising or running
  • Included ear tips for different sized ear canals
  • Adjustable neck cable
  • Embedded W1 cheap for easy connection with Apple products
  • 12-hours of battery life
  • Particularly Bass-heavy

You don’t need to spend nearly two-hundred dollars on a water-resistant pair of earphones if you have no plans of using them in the rain! Similarly, a bass-heavy pair of headphones is great for working out, but it’s not as enjoyable to listen to when you are trying to relax with some jazz music. You cannot really go wrong with any of these, but there is no doubt that one would be a better choice than the others, depending on your budget and particular needs.

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