First Developer Preview on Android N with Multi-Window feature and Bundle reply notifications

Most of the Smartphone users are with Android as their OS. The latest version in everyone’s phones is still Lollipop and in some very latest phones is Marshmallow. Some users are still waiting for Marshmallow update in their Smartphones. But now, there is one more version in android, Android N the latest version and successor of Android Marshmallow.

Multi-Window Feature

Android N features

The latest version of android is coming with many great features and one of them is multi-window feature. This feature allows you to open multiple windows at a time and can see on the screen at once and even can access both. For example you can view a picture in gallery window and along with a mini YouTube window which is never seen before in older versions.

Direct Reply Notifications

This is one of the great features that powers up the notification bar. This feature allows user to reply for the messages directly from the notification bar. The API on which this feature is working allows user to reply for the messages from the notification bar without launching the App.

Bundle Reply Notifications

This feature allows user to view notifications that contain multiple items can be seen in the notification bar by expanding. Before this version, the bundled notifications can be seen only after you open the App. But now you can directly see all the messages from the notification bar itself.

These features related to notification bar makes it powerful as there is some advancement in notification bar from before. Earlier it’s the case where you can just see the notifications, but now the case is you can even reply for the messages in the notification bar.

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