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What is Anti DDOS Protection?

What is Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS?

Distributive Denial of Service is a type of (DDoS) that is Denial of Service. Distributed Denial of Service is a form of attack that tends to render a computer resource out of reach or with total disable user accessibility. These attacks are launch in forms of different techniques and ways to damage a computer. The motives of this attack can be different; always a same motive doesn’t work. Usually the motive behind this attack is to disable, corrupt and malfunction a specific website for a long period of time, short time or permanently. You have to know about what happens during a DDOS attack too.

Anti DDoS Protection

Some More Ideas of DDoS attacks

The targets of denial of service attack are dangerous; they target accounting and banking organization, the public sector, news and media houses, online shopping sites, e-book and ecommerce sites and more on.

How dangerous is DDoS Attack?

The DDoS attackers build infected networks commonly known as botnets to spread software through websites and social networking sites, email and etc. once the machine is affected the attacker can control it remotely in the user’s absence.

The infected networks, Botnets have the capacity of generating a huge flood of traffic to submerge a target. These targets can be multiple in number, for example requesting more connections than a server may need or it can be sending a huge amount of data that an user may use and get trapped by the bandwidth of the target.

There are many online shopping sites, those buy and sell botnets unknowingly. The attackers can take help of underground markets and pay an official fee to disable an international cable website at a time. This attack prevents a user to respond to an authorized request.

How to Prevent the Affected Sites from this Attack

Not only software but there are also hardware and online security application to protect a website from these hazardous attacks, and so by this remedies internet hacking can be reduced so one should always take the help of such remedial software, hardware and application to save the website from unwanted cyber attacks.

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