DIRECTV Internet Convenience and Reliability in One Package

Someone once said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” or something like that. But when the subject is television, telephone, and the Internet, things have changed so much recently that it’s hard to describe the differences between then and now. Older people in the population will remember when the radio was the source for entertainment and news. There was no television, as hard as that is for younger people to believe.

In addition to living without moving images on the screen, people in those times did not have the luxury of talking to each other on a device known as the telephone. Communication was accomplished by face-to-face talk, through real conversations, and the long-lost art of letter writing. But, enough about the past. In the twenty-first century, and for the past few years, it has been possible to not only to have access to every form of electronic communication methods, but to even get them from one source.

DIRECTV + AT&T Internet Bundle

At one point, television programming was broadcast to antennae, in a manner similar to the signals that bring radio to the home. There was no fee, but program choices were extremely limited. Telephone service was provided by a separate company, which maintained the physical structure of poles and wires. There was no World Wide Web. There was no Internet. When you paid for services, you gave your money to different companies.

As mentioned earlier, all this has now changed. Today, you can get one of DIRECTV TV package and Internet here and pay for the bundle by sending the money to one company.

When it comes to paying for television and Internet, most people would like to be able to get these associated services from one source. This makes the bill-paying process much easier and less confusing. It’s the primary reason many customers bundle their services. They sometimes even arrange to get their home-phone service from the same provider. Some in the industry have even called this arrangement a triple play.

Surveys indicate most people who do this are satisfied with the agreement. In fact, some customers take it one more step in that direction and include their cell phone in the package too.

How to Benefit from DIRECTV and AT&T Internet

There is still plenty of competition between providers of television service, with the key players doing all they can to convince customers to come to their side, leaving the competitor to find a replacement. With this in mind, one of the top providers combines DIRECTV programming and service with AT&T Internet offerings, so you can enjoy entertainment from a variety of sources.

Getting what you pay for is, of course, the key to spending your hard-earned money on in-home entertainment. When you bundle television service and Internet together, the experience is, quite naturally, better. You can get quite a lot for one price. For example, a DIRECTV and AT&T Internet bundle gives you a two-year price guarantee, three months of premium movie channels at no extra cost, four receivers, including HD DVR. Add to this a Wi-Fi Gateway router and you have a very attractive DIRECTV + AT&T bundle, especially when you pay no monthly equipment fees.

You get the entertainment and communication service you want and need by bundling TV with other services. Satellite television service is one of the anchors in the plan, along with the connection to information, entertainment, and news sources from around the world. All your devices are connected to one high-speed source, with prices starting at $80 per month. When you add phone service to the package, prices begin at about $90 per month.


One of the major benefits of HD bundles is, of course, a high-speed service delivering online entertainment, infotainment, news, gaming, social media, and shopping. With the merger of AT&T and DIRECTV, the strategy has been to breathe new life into the phone company’s unlimited wireless plan, in order to benefit customers who also subscribe to the television service. But new plans will not change the offers and agreements already in effect.

The newest plan provides TV service for $50 per month, and customers who choose to bundle this with Internet service of up to six megabits per second will pay an additional $30 per month. The price remains the same for two years, with monthly equipment fees included in the plan. This arrangement provides up to four TV receivers and a Wi-Fi gateway. To get the “triple play,” customers can fold their phone service into the plan for a small amount above the $80.

“Today is the first of many planned moves to enable our customers to enjoy a premium entertainment experience almost anywhere,” Brad Bentley, chief marketing officer of AT&T Entertainment and Internet Services, said in a statement.

“We’re going to deliver more TV and entertainment choices to more screens—when and where our customers want it,” he continued. “And we’ll offer incredible value with more flexibility and convenience through our integrated packages that deliver a great experience.”

DIRECTV + AT&T Internet Bundle – Two Years On

Combining the services of DIRECTV + AT&T Internet in a bundle with phone service was completed almost two years ago, when the long-standing “phone company” finished its acquisition of the largest pay TV provider in the world. The merger will give millions of people additional choices for video entertainment and communication on any screen, at any time, from almost anywhere.

Randall Stephenson, chairman and CEO of AT&T, said the combination allows the company to give consumers “more choices for great video entertainment integrated with mobile and high-speed Internet service. We’ll now be able to meet consumers’ future entertainment preferences, whether they want traditional TV service premier programming, their favorite content on a mobile device, or video streamed over the Internet to any screen.”

AT&T continues to deploy all-fiber GigaPower service, which was designed to allow customers to download a TV show in as short a time as three seconds. With the completion of this expansion program, the company’s all-fiber, broadband footprint reaches more than 14 million customer locations.

If you’re considering the DIRECTV AND AT&T Internet bundle, now is probably the best opportunity you’ll have to take advantage of these services, thanks to technology improvements and the merger of two major providers.

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