Tips to Stay Active after College

College life is the best part of one’s life. The moments lived in college with friends and teachers become unforgettable part of life. I am done with my college life and even after 3 years of that life, I still remember the great moments, that bunks that I had with my friends. Well, it’s case with everyone. Along with all enjoying parts of college life, I can’t forgettable the burden of assignments that was always put on my shoulders. The deadlines made the assignments’ burden to enhance even more.

Going to college daily, studying there for about 8 hours, then attending the coaching classes always made me inactive and lazy. The laziness always made me to think about bunking college and I did the same. Well, of course it affected my academic records, but I was compelled to do so. One side there was hell of college assignments and workload, and on the other side my lowered power level. I was in-between the hell and completely trapped. Well, you might also be suffering from the same poor conditions. If this is so, then I advise you to do all the activities and follow all the tips that can make you active for 24 hours a day. There are many college students who stay active after such a busy life, and such students might be in your class as well. You become jealous on seeing their activeness? Don’t be. Instead try to be like them. These tips can help you for sure.


This is the best way to stay active and is  advised by all doctors and health experts. The best part about exercise is hat it does not cost you anything, but gives you many things like good health, active body. You can do exercise at your home, but it’s better if you can find any park for this purpose as the cool air flowing in the park will enhance the positive results of exercise. The combination of exercise and fresh air will keep you fit and healthy for all time. Protection from many diseases that could be there because of polluted air.


With daily work pressure, not only the body tires, but the mind as well. In fact, you could be physically active after daily work of college, but along with that you should be active from mind as well. If the exercise plays a good role in making you fit and healthy, then for brain activeness, there is meditation. The meditation can send you into a different world, a world where there is not any hustle and bustle of daily life, but peace and peace only.

Make a Time-table

Yes, this can do wonder in letting you complete your daily work in time without feeling any pressure or inactivity. Moreover, a perfect time-table is must for every college student. Making time-table and then not following is the worst problem or say bad habit of every college student. Make sure to follow it strictly.

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