Top 3 Home Security iPhone Apps

In a day and age in which living is getting increasingly technologized, it’s no wonder that home security systems can be controlled through the mere touch of a smartphone or tablet screen. It seems an increasing number of alarm and home security system companies are relying on the consumers’ prevalent use of Internet-ready mobile devices. Since everyone and their grandmother now owns an iPhone, why not fully program your house with it, while also monitoring any potential security threat with it? Here are the top three apps for this purpose.


Home Security iPhone Apps

This free application, which is also available in an iPadversion allows users to set up, schedule and remotely control several automated systems within their home. The app can be set up as to control home lighting systems, the temperature throughout the house or within any given room, multimedia devices – even doors and windows, if you choose to automate yours! There is also an in-built security system, which warrants purchase of this app, but the system cannot be monitored via live streaming off the iPhone.



Protectron allows iPhone users to monitor the surveillance cameras installed at their home or business locations remotely, via their smart phone. Aside from the phone and, of course, the mounted security cams, you will need a stable WiFi or mobile Internet data connection. There is no limit to the amount of video information that the application is able to stream. The app, produced by one of the top high tech protection and surveillance alarm companies in Canada, also supports multi-channel video encoding. The users connects securely, after authentication and the video stream is direct only, which means it doesn’t get redirected through third party servers that some might consider unnecessarily intrusive. The app is versatile enough to provide pan, tilt and zoom control, it can be viewed both in portrait and landscape mode and also allows the user to take snapshots of any suspicious activities they might catch on cam.

Sweet Home Automation for Vantage

Sweet Home Automation for Vantage

This free app is designed for users of Vantage home automation systems and it allows the user to remotely control all the automated devices inside their house, from lighting systems, which can be dimmed, turned up, or programmed to light up at a certain time. If the Vantage user has also set up their home entertainment or security system to be automated – these, too, can be scheduled to start and/or stop at a given time. The app works by mapping out the user’s home in 3D, so that effects of a given command are visualized by the user right on the screen of their mobile device.

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