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How to Solve [pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760] MS Outlook Error?

Microsoft Outlook email client is now proving to be one of the best places where you can manage all tasks without any issues. However there are common error code[pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760]  that are becoming quite annoying in this article you will get to know regarding the error and the way you will have to fix [pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760].

Fix [pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760] outlook error

Reasons behind the error [pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760]  

The wrong installation of Outlook is one of the major reasons behind the error [pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760]. Besides, there may be the wrong SMTP code. Problematic internet connection or many other issues can ruin the experience.

At such times you will have to follow the steps that will help in solving the issue [pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760].  

How to Solve [pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760] MS Outlook Error?

Looking for solutions to fix the outlook error code? No worries. We did our research and found some quick solutions that can be helpful towards fixing the error code. You can depend on the below-given solutions for fixing the outlook error code.

Check out the solutions below.

  • Clearing the cookies and cache

Clearing the cookies can help in cleaning the previous channels and updating the data. It can also ensure the removal of the damaged stock data packets. You can close Microsoft Outlook and open it again. Closing many tabs or windows when using Outlook can also help in solving the issue[pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760].  In case the update is required in that, then you will have to go with updating Outlook.

  • Fixing the Outlook version 

This is one of the popular reasons why you should always get the updated version of the software. For that, you will have to just update the older version of the software to the newest version. You can just go with the Microsoft website for the installation of the latest version of the software. The error [pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760] can be due to the installation process. Sometimes when there is an error in the installation process, then Outlook becomes incompatible with the other email accounts or also the other software installed on the pc. You will have to remove the broken Outlook type from the pc and install the latest type that will help in solving the issue.

  • Deletion of the multiple accounts 

Sometimes it happens so that multiple accounts in your device or even the duplicate account is bringing in the problem. For that, you will have to just open the Microsoft Outlook application. Go to the account settings and make the selection of the messaging tab. There you will see all the duplicate accounts that will be available there. For removing them, you will have to just click on delete and restart the Microsoft Outlook application. 

You only have to remove all the duplicate email accounts from the application. Just try to remove all the emails except the primary one. After that, just restart the application and see if the error is still arriving on the screen.

This mostly fixes such an issue.

  • Updating Outlook 

Always you will have to make sure that the computer is meeting the system requirements for the newest version of the Microsoft office. In most cases, whenever you are running the Microsoft office setup program on the computer with the earlier version of the office that is installed in it, then there is the removal of the earlier version. However, there are still the chances of error. So, it’s worth opting for the original version for the guaranteed update. 

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Final words 

The error[pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760]  is all due to several reasons. It can also be due to the improper installation of Outlook. Sometimes there may be the reasons behind [pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760] occurrence with the use of several accounts in one Outlook application.

Check out whether or not you’re using the updated version of Outlook. Only an updated version will make sure that there wouldn’t be the chances of errors. The cookies that have occupied more than the required space may bring in further problems. The above mentioned methods will help in solving the issue[pii_email_066f1e5f1e4576b47760]. 

In case you find that none of the methods that we have mentioned above is working out, then you will have to contact the Microsoft support team, who will be helping you with further assistance.

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