7 Best but less-known File Recovery Software

Are you looking to recover accidently recovered files? Did you know that even the permanently deleted files are not actually being removed from your computer? A good file recovery software can help your retrieve your files. The files you have permanently deleted are not actually deleted but only that their address or pointer is removed from the storage mappings. So a file recovery software identifies these bits and pieces of storage units and searches for the remnants of a file and consolidates them into the readable file format.

There are many hard drive recovery softwares in the market, most of them are high priced but won’t deliver what is promised. Below is a list of less priced or FREE file recovery softwares which you can try out for your data recovery.

1.    SoftPerfect File Recovery

This is one of the best and easy to use software. SoftPerfect File Recovery can recover files from hard drives, memory cards or other device on PC that stored data. Optical drives like CD, DVD are not supported for now. The software needs no installation, it’s just a 500KB portable file which you can run even from a USB Flash drive as well.

2.    EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is another great hard drive recovery software which makes file recovery easy in a few clicks. The software works like s Windows Explorer and you get a hierarchical folder feeling just like how you use in windows.  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover files from optical drives, hard drives, flash memory cards and even iOS devices. If the device is detected as a storage device in windows, EaseUS can act on it to recover files.

3.    Wise Data Recovery

This is a FREE software and is very easy to use. Once installed on your windows system it an run a scan and recover any deleted files in no time. It can also recover files from USB devices and other removable devices. There is an instant search function which helps to search for deleted files in a click of a button. There is also a recoverability section which displays how good the recovered files will be.

4.    Restoration Data Recovery Program

Restoration is a small and incredibly simple software that doesn’t require installation. It can thus be run from an external storage like a CD or USB drive. It can recover files from memory cards, USB drives, hard drives etc.

5.    ADRC Data Recovery Tools

This is yet another FREE but great file recovery software. The only disadvantage is that it cannot delete from optical drives like CD, DVD but it can delete from any other sources like memory acrds and USB. ADRC again is a portable software of 132KB in size and does not require installation. It can be run from any medium attached to the computer.

6.    UndeleteMyFiles Pro

UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a completely FREE but hard drive recovery tool. The name is a little tricky with a “Pro” but it is actually a Pro software coming at FREE of cost. The software offers a Tree View and Detailed View so that you can make a good choice while undeleting files. There is an excellent search option by which you can lookup files by name, location size, type etc. Emergency Disk Image is one utility of this tool which helps you to take an image of your entire system into one file and then let’s you recover files from that images.

7.    PC Inspector File Recovery

This is yet another FREE file recovery software but not an easy-to-use one and due to this reason this software is less known to many. It is designed to perform deep searches and thus consumes more time during the recover process. This software has a higher recovery success rate than most other FREE recovery tools. The software is capable of recovering data from any storage device like hard drives, external drives and memory cards. PC Inspector File Recovery is our best recommendation out of all, though the tools usage and navigation is not that easy, the recovery process algorithm is best here and the chances of recovering each and every file is very high.

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