4 Advantages of Writing you need to know

The benefits of writing are many; and the good thing is that you do not need to be a great novelist to know it.

Keep a personal diary, write your thoughts in an agenda, write to earn a living or even want to be a great professional of the letters. All these actions have in common (of course) the fact of writing; but in addition, they also have in common the fact that, whatever you write, this practice will give your personal and professional life great advantages. Which? We’ll tell you later.

Know below 4 benefits that you can have if you write on a regular basis

Writing benefits your mental health

Writing can be a way to escape the pressures of daily life. Try doing it when you are angry with someone. In general, writing to a person with whom you have discussed the reason for your anger will make you feel more relieved, even if you never get to send it. The fact of being able to express what you feel, without fear, will relieve you. In fact, many therapists recommend keeping a personal diary.

Writing develops your creativity

When you write you need to let your imagination fly; and so if it is a text in a certain topic, you can still increase your creative capacity. When you write you have to analyze ideas, process them and communicate them in the best possible way; it is very likely that ideas awaken new connections with other ideas and generate new ones as well. The advantages of writing are given in the cognitive and also in the emotional plane. It is a practice that keeps the brain “awake” and encourages creativity. At this point, the essay is the best example. By creating an essay you can express your opinion or idea to others freely. Essays are often seen as the best tool for measuring the level of one’s intelligence as this is a place for the author to express his views on a phenomenon and use all his or her ability to invite each reader to agree on what is conveyed (by the author). In the academic world, essays often occupy an important position as a condition of graduation and therefore, should not be ignored by any student.

Writing expands your knowledge

When you write, you are supposed to expand your vocabulary and your knowledge, because if you do it on a regular basis, you will seek to do it better and better, and as a trade you can achieve it with practice. To make your writing more and more polished, you will acquire very useful habits along the way, such as reading. Reading and writing are two ways of understanding the world, and almost always go hand in hand. Writing will foster your motivation to learn many things that you may often overlook.

Writing helps you focus

The phrase “writing is an attempt to think accurately”, referring precisely to the need for concentration that is needed to write almost any text. Writing favors focus and concentration; and, according to some studies, it is more effective when writing is done by hand. By using your hand you can appreciate each process from putting letter by letter, sentence by sentence and so forth.

From the above description we can conclude that essay writing has many benefits that are not limited to mere academic affairs. Write then you will become a better person!

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