Apple TV is the Future of Household Media

There’s no denying it – with a huge and growing userbase, and the much-lauded tvOS operating system, Apple TV is the future and reigning king of connected TVs. If your company doesn’t already have an app available for tvOS, or if the one you have is currently collecting cobwebs, then you need to work to make your brand a functioning part of the Apple TV ecosystem before your company becomes hopelessly left behind. Some explorations of why it’s such a dominant platform follow below.

An Exploding Userbase

While Google Chromecast is currently ahead in terms of installed users, its relatively large share of the market belies its lack of features and functionality. There’s a huge difference in terms of what its users can expect from the product, and that comes with its low price tag ($35 versus $149). As a result, Apple TV is a much better bet for your app development dollars. Not only can applications developed for it deliver more content and a much richer experience to your customers, those customers are also more likely to be satisfied with the platform itself – and you can bet that satisfaction will extend itself to your brand. For more info on how your company can take advantage, visit Clearbridge Mobile.

Apple TV

A Sophisticated New Operating System

With the introduction of tvOS, Apple has finally brought the benefitsof the diverse iOS ecosystem to the television. That means that third-party developers are currently only limited in terms of their imagination when it comes to the kinds of features and content they can provide. Games and other interactive applications are now fair game; if executed successfully they could become significant drivers for your business, whether that business is in “the Cloud” or more traditionally located. The challenge is finding the right development studio to develop your product for this exciting new ecosystem.

You’ll want to look for a company that has experience in the industry – such as Clearbridge Mobile, which has produced over 200 mobile apps that have been downloaded over 200 million times. You want someone who not only has experience working with Fortune 500 companies, but who also understands what consumers want in a mobile application. That’s a serious challenge! Especially for coders who have experience working on business solutions but don’t understand the principles behind consumer design.

Whatever new experience you want your company to bring to the new and exciting Apple TV platform, make sure that you choose developers like Clearbridge Mobile, who have agile and effective processes to make your company’s dreams a reality with a minimum of risk. Remember – the only thing worse than not participating in a platform is putting together a bad application for it, so as eager as you might be to join the connected TV revolution, it’s worth taking just a little bit more time to commission a fully realized offering.

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