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Easiest Way to Make Money Online for Free

Internet has now become one of the best way to make money online. At now, one can find hundreds of online money making ways but not all of them are genuine. Here we are with details about 25 best and genuine online money making ways. So if you are looking for some genuine online making ways/tricks then this article is for you. Keep reading for full details.

Easiest Way to Make Money Online for Free

Easiest Way to Make Money Online for Free

1. Blogging
Blogging is the best way to generate genuine bucks online. At now, millions of peoples are using Blogging to make money online. Best thing, you can start your blog for free. At present, Blogger and WordPress are two widely used blogging platform.

2. Google Adsense
Google Adsense is one of the best and most trusted online money making way. Google Adsense is a Google Product and shows different types of ads (banner as well as text) on your blog pages. It is believed to be one of the best online Ad network.

3. Infolinks
If you are looking for text-in advertisements then Infolinks is probably best. At present Infolinks is at top when it comes to in text advertisements. Best thing about Infolinks is that they don’t demand any extra space of your blog rather it shows ads by choosing suitable keywords from the article of your blog.

4. Kontera
Like Infolinks, Kontera is another in-text advertisement network which is in business since long time and is currently being used by lots of online content publishers. However they pay somewhat low when compared with Infolinks.

5. Adbrite
Adbrite is another text banner online advertisement network. It demands extra space of your blog and works like DLM marketplace. You will get paid every time when your visitor will click Adbrite Ads.

6. Amazon Affiliate Program
Amazon Affiliate Program works best if you have some ecommerce website. You only need to create some product store on appropriate space on your blog and you will get paid every time when someone will purchase using your created store. Amazon Affiliate Program is known for best and high payouts.

7. Amazon Seller
Amazon Seller is also similar to Amazon Affiliate Program which will pay you whenever someone will buy product from your referrals

8. Associate Content
Associate Content is best if you can write contents in your own way. It don’t accept rewrite articles. If you can write how to, story niche articles then it Is best for you. you need to submit your article to them and they will you anywhere around $3-$20 depending upon the quality of your article.

9. Chitika
Chitika is a renowned name in online marketing world. Chitika works similar to Google Adsense (however cost per click is low). Chitika works best if your blog have US or Canada based traffic. Chitika matches best keywords from your article and show very relevant ads according to priority keywords.

10. BidVertiser
BidVertiser is a PPC (pay per click) program which is currently being used by lots of web masters. Best thing about BidVertiser is its low payout. BidVertiser comes with $10 minimum payout which is unique and attractive feature

11. Azoogleads
Azoogleads deals with some fixed number of companies. They will ask you to place their code on appropriate space on your blog and whenever your visitor will click those ads, you will get paid from Azoogleads.

12. Clickbank
ClickBank is an affiliate program which is growing at a tremendous rate now. Clickbank offers you lots of options to choose from. They are good when compared with other affiliate programs.

13. ClicknWork
ClicknWork is an unique and very interesting online earning making method. It offers you lots of freelancing works for which you will get paid approx $5-$150 per hour. You will have to pass one challenging and tough competition to get enrolled with this network.

14. Clicksor
Clicksor shows contextual ads on your blog. It will show advertiser’s ads every time when someone will hover over a double underlined word.

15. Commission Junction
As the name reflects, Commission Junction is an Ad program which pays you through commission. It allows you to choose from thousands of companies and above all it is free to join.

16. CreamAid
CreamAid is a free to join AD network which asks you to install a flash widget in your blog post. You will get paid for every visitor who will hover over the flashed content.

17. Eefoof
Eefoof combines features of YouTube + Music + Flickr and displays relevant ads on your blog. Your earning will increase with the increase in number of visitors to those ads.

18. eBay Store
eBay is a popular name in internet marketing world. It will show ads of relevant products and will pay you commission every time when someone will purchase/order something using your site. It is a good option for all e commerce store bloggers.

19. Feedburner
Feedburner is another great monetizing network which works in accordance with Google Adsense. You can easily get Feedburner account if you have Google Adsense account.

20. Feedvertising
Feedvertising offers Text Links Ads and works best with WordPress blogs. According to many bloggers, it don’t fits perfectly with all the blogs.

If you are good in filling jobs then provides the best platform for you. It offers very high commission approx $50-$5,000 (depending upon the type of job to be filled).

22. Software Judge
Are you fond of testing new software? If yes then Software Judge is best platform for you. Here you will first have to test a particular software and then will have to review it in accordance with your personal experience.

23. Microsoft Adcenter
It is somewhat similar to Google Adwords where you will get paid directly from Microsoft.

24. Pheedo
At present, there is one buzz about Google Feedburner and according to many bloggers/webmasters, Feddurner may shut its services with Google. So in that case, Pheedo is the best option which shows ads in your feeds and will allow you to monetize your blog with increased revenue.

25. Vibrant Media
Vibrant Media works best with reputed blogs (at least 500,000 page views per months). It displays ads on text based blogs (not for images and videos blogs). It shows ads in bubble form and you get paid for on click basis.

So we have summed up top 25 genuine and best online earning ways above. In case if you have some additional knowledge about how to make money online, then please let us know from your comments.

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