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You must have come across this article looking for some information about ‘’ Luckily, you have landed in the right place. ‘’ is a solid and dependable web hosting board. This game plan was developed by Jake Epstein (the best IT company with experience of over 10+ years).

‘’ a control board has been created in such an amazing way to add up the features that will help people to build and manage their website from conception to completion. For this, you can purchase hosting from ‘’ This will allow you to host your website name under this platform.

If we compare this host with some other web hosting services, then this web hosting has some advantage over others. For instance, this host control panel is fully customizable. Anyway, let’s lookout at the other available information in this article.

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Build a Website on ‘’

Building a website on this platform is not difficult as it seems. We will guide the quick steps for building a website on this hosting platform. Let’s consider the process.

Purchase Server & Hosting Package – 1

A successful website needs a powerful server. Therefore, purchasing a server and hosting package from this web hosting platform is the first step. You can walk through any review website to find out about the web hosting plans that suit your needs.

You can choose between two types of plans; a server and a VPS server. You can consider searching about them over the internet and choose the plan that fits your budget.

Purchase a Domain – 2

You are now done purchasing the web hosting server. You now have to select the domain name. You can purchase the domain name from the best domain providers over the internet. Just choose the niche, domain name and complete the purchase.

DNS Setup – 3

You now have purchased your domain and web hosting server. All you have to do is set up the domain name on a particular web hosting server. For this, one needs to get the name servers from the web hosting account and then paste it to the domain account.

However, do not forget to add a domain name to the web hosting account.

Control Panel Settings – 4

After mapping the domain name into the web hosting server, one needs to focus on the control panel settings. You can quickly add or remove any programs using the control panel of your website. Thus, learning about how it works is essential for a web developer.

Create a Homepage – 5

You are now all done. Just create the homepage using the available theme and templates available in the web hosting control panel, after selecting the particular template. You only have to apply it to the homepage.

That’s all.

Upload Content – 6

Building a website on ‘’ is quick. You are now all done and in the last part. Just get the website live by adding some content to it. You can do this by clicking on add or remove program buttons.

Just upload some content and make the website live.

What IP addresses are settled by the

For instance, there are mostly four IP addresses that are settled by the ‘’ Let’s have a look at them.

  • 54.117.197
  • 54.117.198
  • 54.117.199
  • 54.117.200

Bottom Line

You are now at the end of this article. You must have read all the information we have added in this article about ‘’ For instance, this article is clearly about explaining the website building process on the particular web hosting platform.

We hope the information added in this article helps. If there is anything else to ask? You can always ask us in the comments section.

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