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7 Negative Effects of Social Media on the Academic Writing Process

Social media is a great power and is utterly important for the current society. It is manifested in a great variety of ways and has multiple positive sides. It helps to communicate, learn the latest news, find out some relevant content, etc. These traits find a positive reflection in studying as well. Notwithstanding, one should never reject the dark side of social media. It can harm the academic writing process on different occasions.

Nowadays, people seem to simply sink into the ocean of information of all kinds which can be found and shared on social media. This issue is especially true for the younger generation. Merely all students in the United States of America and other corners of the globe can be seen with different technical devices that give them access to such media as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other ones. Each media has its own objectives. However, all places where students “hang out” have something in common. We should mention active communication, quick spreading of news and tons of information.

However, a constant life in the world of entertainment is negative for the process of studying. If specifying, it is necessary to pay attention to writing skills. The productivity amongst students greatly decreases, and this will not be a bonus for their academic score.

In general, there can be underlined the following difficulties for academic writing:

  • A potential for distraction.
  • A lack of writing competence.
  • Poor writing skills.
  • An appropriate language choice.
  • Multitasking.
  • The wrong choice of informative sources.
  • Plagiarism.

The mentioned above issues carry the potential danger for the progress of students. Therefore, we should discover them in more details.

The Negativism of Social Media When Assignments Writing

Social media is pretty dangerous and leads to distractions of various kinds. It is quite similar to the negative influence of video games. Students get fully involved in the process of online socializing and completely skip the reality.

If entering a classroom in a school, college or university, you will definitely see lots of youngsters who continuously stare at their cell phones or tablets. They are busy solely with their interaction with other individuals who spend and oftentimes, simply “waste” their precious time on sharing posts, photos, leaving comments or reading blogs. There appears a logical question – When would come time for studying? Many students complain that they cannot cope with their essays because they don’t know the discipline properly. What is the reason? One of them is the pure waste of time on social media.

Undoubtedly, this induces the problem of inappropriate writing competence. Even if a student has a predisposition to become a successful writer, he or she destroys all the hopes sinking into social media. There is simply no time left for learning writing techniques and methods. Yes, it is true that while texting on Facebook or Twitter, you actually type/write and this stimulates your writing.

Notwithstanding, we should ask ourselves whether this is a proper way. Students do write and use a great variety of unique words (some of them are new, as they use slang). Still, the lexicon they implement is not fitting the high standards of educational requirements. Accordingly, you cannot expect that such students would succeed in choosing the proper language.

They use such popular abbreviations as “OMG” or “LOL” and similar ones. However, can they be used in official documents? Do politicians or scientists use them in their speeches? The answer is rather obvious. As the result, the level of writing competence greatly suffers. The writing skills are undeveloped. Using slang, students forget about the general grammar rules. Their spelling and punctuations have seen the better days. Now, they all seem to be in the far past, forgotten and buried in unreachable memories.

Multitasking seems to be pretty helpful. Students learn how to fulfill different functions at once. This is utterly important for busy students because they receive so many assignments. Nonetheless, we are talking about multitasking on social media. This means that students do not work out their writing skills. They are busy with different blogs, photos, posts, and so on. In such way, they become distracted from writing papers. They cannot produce papers of high quality.

You might be surprised, but many lovers of social media cannot find the proven informative sources. Yes, they are excellent at finding all sorts of information, which is interesting for them. Nonetheless, when it comes to the searching of scientific and historical facts they fail the test. Why is there such a tendency? Well, there is actually nothing complicated about finding gossips and rumors on political speculations or some events in the life of celebrities. There are many sources, and many of them give the wrong facts. Students cannot give a careful judgment of official resources and oftentimes use unproven facts.

It is worth mentioning the issue of plagiarism that also has some links to the wrong choice of informative sources. It has become a huge offense that negatively impacts academic paper writing. Students get lazy about being unique and use the works of other authors. At times, they don’t even realize that they infest their content with plagiarism. Social media contains a lot of it.

It is quite obvious that social media has multiple negative aspects. Accordingly, it is necessary to restrict the students’ access to social media. Otherwise, this will lead to a great catastrophe. That’s why a lot of students often look for a reliable and professional academic writing company for buying custom-written papers online.


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