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Best WhatsApp Mods That You Should Must Try In 2019

Today at techiestate,We are going to be talking about the most highly functional WhatsApp Mods that are available on the web. WhatsApp inherently is quite restrictive and static. Nothing much goes in it rather than conversing in text, video and voice. But in the era where advancements knows no boundaries , WhatsApp lies as an anomaly being the only widely-opted instant messenger with considerably lower amount of features. This is the reason that raises the need of mods. We know that many of you are already into modding and other ways of enhancing apps, which is why we went out and tested each one of the popular WhatsApp Mods to rank them based on user-experience.

WhatsApp for Android doesn’t give users many options to control privacy. For instance, you can’t hide your typing status, can’t hide the double tick and so on. Apart from that, WhatsApp also received certain negative feedbacks due to its aggressive file compression; the images that you share on this app firstly gets compressed, which degrades the image quality & there are lots of other problems  like you can only send files of up to 25 MB, etc..

So To remove these restrictions, users search for WhatsApp mods on the web Thankfully there are lots of Great MODs available we will share top best WhatsApp mods i will also tell you the features of those mods which i am listing here.

What Are WhatsApp Mods?

At the end of the day, the “Best” mod varies for each person. In other words, no matter how many sugarcoated versions of the same app gets released, preference shall always remain subjective to an individual’s taste. What does matter here is the functionalities that gets added in mods. AS mentioned already, mods can enrich your experience by providing you with features like larger file-attachment options & hiding your typing status. Such additions to the function catalog can turn out to be life savers !

Let’s discuss these mod apks one by one.

1. GBWhatsApp

Gb WhatsApp Apk is loaded with lots of amazing features which makes it most popular among all whatsapp MOD. Gbwhatsapp is enriched with amazing and unique features. All those features which are limited in simple whatsapp messenger are present in GbWhatsApp which are free to use. Gbwhatsapp contains all features of Whatsapp messenger additionally it comes with some unique features like a hiding blue tick, hiding last seen, downloading other status etc.

Some of the features Of GB WhatsApp

  • You can create the story without any limit.
  • You can share up to 90 photos and video at a time and that too to the different people simultaneously.
  • You can also modify or change the app icon and customize it.
  • Another feature is that you can also hide the online status using this MOD of the WhatsApp.
  • And Much More Download & discover its more features.

2. FMWhatsApp

FM WhatsApp keeps your data safe and your privacy more secure. It can be applied and used with the GBWhatsApp & YoWhatsApp so that your settings of the GBWhatsApp can be kept safe along with the privacy. It is one of the higher versions of all MODS. This version is so lightweight that it doesn’t occupy much space in your smartphone. FM WhatsApp is also ban proof so you can use it for long time without any ban issue.

Features Of FMWhatsApp

  • Color Change option
  • Pick and place any picture next to All/Fast/Last bubble
  • Select Image for Home screen background
  • Preview of entries before applying styles
  • Privacy & Security Level high
  • And Much More

3. YOWhatsApp

The latest version of YoWhatsApp  opens the door of endless customization options. Yes, you read that right! Yo WhatsApp Android app offers unlimited themes and color choices to enhance the look and feel of WhatsApp. Not just that, but YoWhatsApp Apk also offers users endless privacy-related features like you can hide your online status, hide blue ticks, etc.

Features Of Yo WhatsApp

  • Feature To Know Deleted Status
  • Option Added to Pin Group Description to Chats
  • Now Enable Custom Online Toast For Specific Contacts
  • Support Downloading of Home Wallpaper with Themes fron YoThemes
  • Feature to Change Deleted Message Icon Colour
  • And Much More

4. WhatsApp Plus

The Old Version of WhatsApp Plus which was developed by Ralfanse is not working anymore.This WhatsApp Plus APK mod developed by Omar is different from the previous WhatsApp Plus which was developed by Ralfanse. This version will have all the functionalities as of the former WhatsApp Plus. This mod Also Gives lots of features like the above 3 Mods.

Features Of WhatsApp Plus

  • Send private reply in groups.
  • Increased pin chat limit from 25 to 30.
  • Enabled stickers, now you can send stickers via WhatsApp plus.
  • No more forward tag to other person if you forward a message.
  • Increase forward limit for Indian users.
  • And Much More

Is Using WhatsApp Mods safe?

If you are using any kinda WhatsApp Mod then I am damn sure than this question must have strike in your mind for more than 100’s time. I have been currently using whatsapp mod like gbwhatsapp for long time. And I can surely say that It is 95% safe to use mods. But still if you are very much serious about your data and credentials then we don’t suggest you to use these kinda mods. That’s 5% is Chance of data theft in my 100%.   If you are very much curious about your data security then don’t go with these modded APK’s. Download the original WhatsApp from playstore and enjoy


So friends that’s all for this article we hope that you like this article if you did then please do share this article as much as possible if you have any questions regarding any WA Mod listed here then please feel free to let me know in the comment box I will try to reply you all as soon as possible. Thank You. 🙂

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