How to Root SONY Xperia Acro S Android Phone–Tutorial

How to Root SONY Xperia Acro S Android Phone

This article will be of great help to you if you want to know the procedure on how to root Sony Xperia Acro S Android phone. You will know the detailed procedure of installing the custom ROM firmware updates on your Sony Xperia Acro S android phone.

“Disclaimer: We shall not take responsible for any damage or loss of data or to the phone that occurs while doing the update process. The procedure explained here is relatively tested and might not give 100% results for all the users.

Note: An important thing to be noted is to check whether the device is properly rooted or not. You should know that the warranty will get void if the device is rooted. There are several ways to regain the warranty and this should not be a problem. Once if you switch back to any of the latest updates that was officially launched by the manufacturer, you will be able to regain the warranty.

how to root Sony Xperia Acro S Android phone

Kudos to XDA Forum Developers

A good point to be noted is that the user need not unlock the boot loader which proves to be an herculean task. The XDA forum members and especially Heeroyun should be congratulated for the meticulous works done for this.

Back up of all Data

It is not recommended to take the help of PC Companion when you try to take back up of your Sony Xperia Acros S android phone which will lead to several problems. Manual back up of data is the most preferred way in this case.

Use this link to take proper back up of SMS and to restore apps.

Use this link to take proper back of call logs.

Use this link to take proper back of all your contacts and to sync them with the Gmail

You can move out the images, pictures, music and video files separately to an external hard disk.

The “Access Point Names” details should be noted which will available under “Mobile Networks” sub-menu. If you are not sure where this menu is present, then you can click “Applications” and then “Settings” and then the option of “Wireless and Network” to see. Make sure the USB debugging feature is enabled for you to root Sony Xperia Acro S android phone properly. There are several security suites available and Xperia’s Acro S drivers can be downloaded from this link

Process to Root Sony Xperia Acro S Android Phone

  • You can Download Essential Suites for Rooting from this link. Then switch off your mobile phone.
  • On entering into the operation mode, hold the Volume Down button and establish the connection between your phone and computer.
  • Run the file name called “step1.bat”
  • After the process is completed, flash all 4.0.4 files with the help of flashtool and do not forget to go through the final verification feature.
  • Now cancel the flash tool option after verification is done. If the device is not automatically restarting, you can restart it manually.
  • Now connect the device to computer using original USB cable and run “step2.bat” file. Accept the option when it asks for super user access. The device will get rebooted during the course of this update.
  • You can download the “Root Checker” application from Google’s Play Store which is an essential thing to check before you start with the process.

If the device gets stuck in boot loop sequence or got hanged, switch off the device and remove the battery and then replace it again. Now switch on the device to verify the update procedure is done correctly.

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