Top 5 Places to Visit While in Japan

Where will you go on your next vacation? If you haven’t decided yet, you might need to consider Japan on top of your list. There are hundreds of reasons why you have to visit Japan for your next vacation. Culture, technology, food and drink, architecture, and festival are just a few reasons that make you have to visit this beautiful country. Visited by millions of visitors annually, Japan offers thousands of tourist attractions for visitors. To give you some ideas about Japan, the followings are top 5 places to visit while in Japan.

  1. Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle is the most famous and the most visited castle in Japan. Although it was built hundreds of years ago, the castle’s current condition is no different from its original condition. The beauty and fame of this castle has made this castle became the chosen location for 007 film in 1967 entitled “You only Live Twice”. Located in Hyogo prefecture, the best time to visit this castle is during spring season.

  1. Ginza in Tokyo

Tokyo is the center of Japan and Ginza is the center of Tokyo. From that point, it should be clear that Ginza is the place where you can get everything that you can ever imagine. The Imperial Palace and the National Diet building are also located in Ginza. All the latest gadgets, the best Japanese restaurants, impressive fireworks, and many other interesting attractions can be found in Ginza. It is best to enjoy Ginza at night when tourists and Ginza citizens hang out and enjoy the night.

  1. Niseko in Hokkaido

Niseko ski resort is the most famous winter holiday destination in Japan. Located in Hokkaido Island, this ski resort is well-known for its year round light powder snow. Millions of foreigners, especially skiers and boarders, visit Niseko annually due to the endless snow and beautiful views of this ski resort. Niseko ski resort consists of three big ski resorts that are Grand Hirafu, Niseko Village and Annupuri. These three ski resorts are all connected at the base. Although it is located in the Northern part of Japan, Niseko offers an excellent transportation and accommodation for visitors.

  1. Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain (3776 meters) and the most iconic natural landmark in Japan. This mountain always looks beautiful in all viewpoints and all seasons. In Japan, this mountain is considered as one of three holy mountains along with Hakusan and Tateyama mountains. More than a million visitors visit Mount Fuji annually; however, the best to visit this mountain is in the winter when you can watch this mountain clearly. Hiking trails and facilities are well developed so if you like hiking then do not miss the sensation of Mount Fuji hiking.

  1. Kyoto

Kyoto was the capital of Japan and it is considered as center of Japan’s traditional culture. There are more than 400 Shinto shrines, more than 1600 Buddhist temples, and many other Japanese cultural sites that you can find in Kyoto. To fully enjoy Kyoto, you can get “Kyoto Walks” pamphlet where you will find all tourist attractions in Kyoto, brief description about each attraction, and how you can reach those tourist attractions.

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