Top 10 Power Point Alternatives for iPad

Where you need to create an effective presentation or want to share it with your friends. Our list of top 10 Power Point alternatives for iPad have all the applications for your needs –

Keynote  ($9.99) – Keynote is indigenous power point application from Apple for iPad that makes it easy for users to create and share stunning slides just by the tip of your finger. The application comes loaded with 12 great-looking themes with coordinated fonts, colors, textures, and backgrounds. Users just have to tap to create new slides or edit the data.

Prezi – Prezi is free application that will help you to add a new life to your presentations. Prezi comes with “Zooming user interface” that will put your slides in motion and make it easy for users to revise or adjust their presentations.


Conference Pad ( $4.99)  – Don’t mistake Conference pad as any other presentation application. As the name says, you can control a presentation in up to 15 devices ( iPhone, iPad) simultaneously. Conference pad is great application for presentations in large auditoriums. The only limitation in this application is that it only works with PDFs , so you need to convert your presentations in other formats to PDFs

Conference Pad

Instaviz – Instaviz is a great free application that will allow you to easily great attractive and easy to understand flow charts and diagrams for presentations on your iPad.   Instaviz comes with simple and easy to use interface where you can turn your ideas in to diagrams just by using your finger. Instagrams also comes with features to share your diagrams with your friends or on social media sites.


SlideShark – SlideShark is another free and one of the most popular Power Point applications for iPad. The application comes with features like – exciting animation, social media integration, Compatibility with file storage services like Dropbox and lot more.


Impress – OpenOffice Impress is a free application that helps users to create effective multimedia applications in both 2D and 3D with special effects and animation.  Impress comes with complete range of Drawing tools and supports multiple monitors where presenters can look at something else while giving presentation on a projector.

Google Presentations – Edit and create your Google presentations directly from your iPad with help of this free application from Google. You can access the Google presentations that you will create from any part of world with help of your Google Account.  Creating Google presentations has become very easy with help of attractive free templates , easy to include animations and range of presentation tools from Google

Xavier – Xavier presentation is client server application and mainly used for advanced interactive presentations shown simultaneously on multiple devices. The application has different pricing levels depending on the number of users who will view presentation at one time

Presentation Link ($4.99) – Presentation Link is another powerful application for showing interactive presentations on your iPad.  The application uses smart rendering technology that allows users to access their slides easily. The application also allows users to integrate videos in their presentation or change the order of slides by simple drag and drop feature. This application is great for large presentation files and  users can also lock their presentations to prevent any editing of their slides.

Power Presenter  ( $1.99)- In addition to draw, highlight text and creating slides, Power Presenter  also allow users to use their PDFs, docs and HTML files for presentations. Power Presenter also allows you to show your presentation on projector and iPad at same time so you can deliver your presentation easily and effectively.

QuickOffice Pro HD ( $7.99) – QuickOffice Pro HD comes with all the crucial features that user will expect from power point application. In addition to easily creating slideshows with effective animation and multimedia features, QuickOffice Pro HD offers lot of exciting features like managing your files in cloud storage, Advance touch control for managing files , Smooth scrolling, Single Screen viewing and lot more.

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