Things You Must Know Concerning Hublot’s Masterpiece MP-02

Hublot is an excellent luxury watch manufacturer that creates concepts before converting them into stunning series. When it comes to style distinctiveness, the company succeeds, possibly even being at the head of the rankings. The MasterpieceMP-02 is among their most successful and renowned designs, with offset sections to the left for the power reserve. It also comes with an unusual dial that sets a spherical window for the time in the top right corner of the clock in its window. 

They take a unique strategy to the presentation, which is weirdly appealing. And while it may not be everyone’s idea of fun, the style is original and sets them apart from the crowd. This collection component is known as the Key of Time King Gold. And to properly comprehend its advantages, it is necessary to take a deeper look and explore the MP-02’s qualities and traits.

MasterPiece Collection

The MasterPiece series is devoted to complicated timepieces and remarkable movements resulting from cutting-edge mechanical and engineering research. The emergence of this latest series was facilitated by Hublot expanding its manufacturing workforce in 2010 with a group of 30 high-level employees entirely devoted to Grand Complications. The MP-01, the first piece in this series, was unveiled in January 2011. It was a barrel-shaped titanium watch with a shaped chronograph movement and a 10-day power reserve characterized by three barrels operating in sequence. This model is made in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

Underneath the Microscope

At first sight, the Hublot MasterpieceMP-02 appears to be a contemporary edition that captures attention due to its unique layout. The beginning of the deconstruction of the Key of Time King Gold is also known as reference 902.OX.1138.RX is with its case. It’s made of top-quality and superb precious metal and has a one-of-a-kind finish. The case is made of 18K King Gold that has been micro-blasted to a satin finish and measures 40.2mm x 40.1mm. The sapphire crystal in the inner casing has been coated with an anti-reflective coating to significantly decrease the quantity of glare created when the device is subjected to direct sunshine. It dramatically improves visibility in all lighting circumstances.

Eccentric Dial

The dial, which is also regarded as a part of the inner casing, has a matte black color with a multi-layered pattern. Among the first things you’ll see about the dial is that it has delightfully contrasted red luminescent and gold plated appliques. The hands have a satin finish and are black nickel-plated with red luminescence. They are also completed with a tidy tie into its case and a micro blasting technique for uniformity. The time is in the right top corner and the power reserve is in the lower-left corner.

Powerful Movement

The Hublot MP-O2 is driven by the HUB9002, an in-house caliber. It is a manual winding movement featuring a column wheel with a 100-hour power reserve and a power reserve tourbillon. With 512 components, the complexities of the mechanisms of this watch are simply astounding. The moniker “The Key of Time” was titled because this watch’s crown has three distinct locations for modifying the rate at which the minutes and hours pass.  These are depicted on the dial by three indications, each of which indicates the latest speed of time, grouped in a star design. These enable you to show standard time or to speed up time. The first setting is used when you wish to slow down the movement of the watch’s hands and split them by four, letting one regular hour show on the screen in quarters. The second setting enables you to travel at a normal hand pace, commonly known as “standard” time. The third spot on the crown, displaying a quarter of an hour as one hour on the dial display, lets you quicken up the hand speed which multiplies the pace of time passage by four. A mechanical memory element appears within the movement, which is one of the most delicate complexities shown in a movement to date. A vertical flying tourbillon cage with a seconds display on the periphery is also incorporated in the Key of Time.

Other Attributes of the Hublot MP-02

The strap is composed of smooth black rubber, which complements the black features and contrasts wonderfully with the gold coloring of the case. A deployant buckle style clasp with a micro blasted black PVD titanium element and satin finish in 18 K King Gold secures the band to the wrist.

Hublot’s MP-02 Key of Time with a highly intricate in-house movement, King Gold demonstrates the true creativity of Hublot’s development team. It allows the wearer to manipulate time, or at least one’s impression of time, by slowing or speeding it up, then restoring to standard time without the need to recalibrate the wristwatch. It is programmed to quickly restore to the right standard time with a simple crown adjustment to one of three locations. Many think it’s wonderful and, at the very least, novel.

Final Thoughts

The Time Key King Gold is among Hublot’s most intriguing and interesting prototype watches that has survived original complaints to become a true member of their range of top-class luxury watches. If you can’t survive without this amazing wristwatch, you may acquire your version, with a new one costing around $331,000.

People have also seen numerous second-hand watches with this reference number on sale for between $200,000 and $250,000, based on quality. So, it’s conceivable to get this highly valuable Hublot for as little as a third of the company’s recommended price, which is on the large side. The Key of Time King Gold is surely among the most unusually intricate wristwatches enthusiasts encountered. Few clocks allow you to slow down or speed up time, then revert to normal with a short crown movement. It is something that a lovable goofball would fully love, or perhaps the idea was merely to slow it down life’s fantastic moments for them to endure more while speeding through the terrible ones. In any case, the MP-02 is a remarkable wristwatch that is worth exploring if you are interested in high-end innovative rarities.

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