Facts You Should Know About a PDF Compressor

Many times, when you want to share your work with your colleagues or friends, a PDF conversion tool is not at all what you need. Hence, the right solution always lies in a host of free online PDF compressors, which significantly reduce the file size of the PDF document while making the delivery of these documents easy and convenient across various platforms. 

Large file sizes may take up a good deal of your time because you will often find the mere task of getting these documents to your colleagues/friends daunting and cumbersome. On top of this, even if you want a well-compressed file, the entire process may be a daunting one, mainly if you are dealing with complex formatting. Below are some of the benefits of using a PDF compressor for your official assignments. Make sure to read through to the end.

High-quality Image  – GogoPDF     

The most significant advantage of the pdf compressor is its high-quality image compression capabilities. With a PDF compressor like GogoPDF, you can compress PDF easily in a few minutes. The tool makes it possible for the user to compress various file formats, including those of very high quality but cannot compress the same without losing much quality. Among the commonly used file formats that this tool can compress include jpeg, wmf, png, mov, eot, psd, pdf, bmp, txt, and many others.

Used for Different File Formats

The second advantage associated with the pdf compressor is that it allows the user to create and publish compressed copies of any file format that can be saved in RAR or ZIP. It means that you can compress any file format, whether in the form of music, video, or audio, with the help of this powerful tool. 

This online pdf compression tool has many advanced features that are particularly useful for enhancing the compression quality. Among these features include the ability to schedule jobs based on the size of the compressed file. The tool also allows users to compress multiple files simultaneously.

It Saves Time and Stress

The application of a reliable and effective pdf compressor should ensure that your job is done faster without hampering the quality. At the same time, if the tool compresses the file appropriately, you can obtain a highly compacted output. Therefore, it is a win-win for you.

How to Compress PDF File Sizes

If you are a user of PDF files, then you know how to compress pdf files. If you have ever encountered a situation where you needed to convert a PDF file into a Word file or other application, you would most likely need to know how to compress PDF files. PDF is a format that many people use because of its universal form. 

However, even though PDF is trendy, it is also one of the most challenging formats to convert to other file types. It is why you should always keep a backup of all your PDF files just in case you encounter a situation where you need to send a file with a different file extension. However, following this ‘step-by-step’ tutorial, you can master how to compress PDF in no time.

Download the Latest Adobe Acrobat Reader Version                  

The first thing you need to do is download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once you have downloaded the latest edition, you can install it. You may need to update the software in earlier versions to use certain features, like ‘pdf compression.’ You may be prompted to choose between a ‘free’ or a ‘limited’ license, depending on your purchased product.

These products allow users to use the ‘pdf compression’ feature for free. If you try to open a PDF file in your PDF viewer, it may take several minutes to complete the conversion because it might be too large. If you have a slow internet connection or do not have the software to convert the PDF file quickly, you will not find time to learn how to compress PDF. 

Compress the PDF File                                                                         

Open the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click on ‘PDF Compression’ on the software menu and select the option ‘Tools > Compress PDF File.’ Here, you will find various options available. Choose the one which allows you to compress the pdf file the way you want.

If you are looking for ways to compress pdf and other files with a size over 100 KB, you should go in for a specialized tool. Such tools can transform your PDF files into smaller files with a file size of around five megabytes. It is almost half the size of standard PDF files. Thus, you can rest assured of a considerable reduction in your web server’s bandwidth and internet connection charges.

Extra Tip – Avoid Scans 

Compression of documents is essential for efficient record-keeping, content management, or archiving solutions. This can reduce costs while increasing productivity. Choosing the wrong software can damage your entire system. It is better to choose a solution that meets all of your processing needs. A common mistake is printing everything and scanning it together to create a PDF file or combine multiple documents and exhibits into one PDF. 

Files converted electronically are usually much smaller than scanned files. Just scan documents that are only on paper. All other documents can be saved in PDF format and converted electronically from the original file. You can also quickly combine individual documents into PDFs using software such as Adobe Acrobat, eliminating the need to print and combine documents. If the file is large after it was generated electronically, there are several steps you can take instead of scanning it. The easiest way is to save the file as a small PDF file. 


When it comes to identifying the best compressor tools available in the market, the main criteria to be considered include the features and benefits of the application. It would be preferable for you to opt for compressors with good customer support service if you encounter problems while using the application.

You must opt for a program that has an integrated password protection mechanism. In addition, the program should provide you with easy access, which allows you to make updates and downloads.

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