Four Benefits of Installing Security Cameras in a Temporary Storage Room

Accountants who specialize in tax preparation are especially busy four or five months out of each year. Some accountants hire extra employees to help them with the workload. This means the accountant must have additional laptops, printers and other costly computer-related equipment available for the workers to utilize. The accountant may lock the equipment in a storage room each night to keep it secure. But, is this enough? Setting up one or more security cameras in the storage room can prevent items of computer equipment from ending up in the wrong hands. Checkout four benefits of installing one security camera or more in a temporary storage room that houses expensive computer equipment.

Monitor Activity in the Storage Room

Throughout tax preparation season there will be many employees entering and leaving the storage room to retrieve and put back their computers each day. The footage from security cameras is helpful when an accountant wants to know who was in the equipment storage room and when. Plus, when employees see a dome, bullet or box style camera in a storage room, they will not be less likely to take items that belong to the business. They know that their activities are being monitored which can save an accountant from needing to purchase replacement equipment.

Maintain a Record of What Items Were Taken and Returned

When dozens of temporary employees are using laptops, printers and fax machines, it’s difficult to keep track of it all. Security cameras in a storage room can provide an accountant with a record of when items were put into the room as well as when they were taken out. Consequently, if a laptop or printer is unaccounted for, the footage taken by the camera can be consulted to find out what happened. This allows an accountant the time-consuming chore of questioning employees regarding the whereabouts of an item of equipment.

Protect the Bottom Line of the Business

Computers and computer-related items of equipment are expensive. In addition, computers used for tax preparation contain the personal data of clients such as their yearly income, social security numbers, addresses, etc. This makes it imperative to protect this equipment and keep it secure. An accountant who specializes in tax preparation can maintain an excellent reputation for keeping personal data private by taking the precaution of installing security cameras in the equipment storage room. People are more likely to go with a tax preparer who has a first-rate reputation for taking excellent care of clients.

Peace of Mind

When an accountant has security cameras monitoring a room full of expensive equipment he or she is able to enjoy peace of mind when leaving the office each night. If something is damaged or goes missing, he or she has video footage that can help to figure out what occurred. This can save an accountant sleepless nights of wondering whether the equipment is secure.

Finally, getting security cameras for a temporary storage room can be a valuable step in operating a trustworthy tax preparation business. Sometimes just a few additional precautions can save an accountant’s office a lot of money in the long run.

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