Features & Benefits of RS232 Magnetic Card Reader

Magnetic card readers like the rs232 magnetic card reader have become common in different industries. A magnetic card reader is an equipment capable of reading magnetic stripe cards like bank cards and member cards. Explore the features and benefits of this card and why it makes the perfect addition to your business.

Magnetic Stripe Technology

Magnetic stripe technology, also known as mag-stripe, gets its name from the magnetic oxide tape lamination that goes on the card. It features 3 different data tracks on the magnetic stripe. Each track of data has a particular encoding standard, with the flexibility to encode any standard on a given track. The rs232 magentic card reader technology is more affordable in comparison to other types of card technologies. It is also easier to program.

One of the advantages of using magnetic stripe technology over the barcode is that it can hold more data in a given space. Interestingly, the magnetic stripe is more complex to generate, but data encoding and reading on rs232 magentic card reader is easier and more common.

Bank Card Readers

As the concept of electronic payment catches on, an increasing number of small to large businesses are now using card readers to accept electronic payments from their customers. The latest card readers can feature a wide range of advanced technologies to ensure optimal security. Chip authentication program uses special types of banking cards for authentication of online transactions. Another kind of technology uses card readers for verification of the amount stored within the card. It can also provide information about last transactions.

About RS232 Magnetic Card Reader

The rs232 magnetic card reader is a 3-track magnetic card reader that delivers serial output. It can be connected to the PC/Mac using a DB9. It can be powered using a PS/2 connector. The output is in the form of a serial stream of 8N1 ASCII at 9600 bps.

Using the reader is quite simple. All you have to do is to plug it into a serial port and swipe the card. It will display the account number in an unencrypted form on the display screen. It has high readability rate. It can be used without the need for installing any software or driver. The magnetic card reader can also be plugged into a USB port.

Main Features of RS232

The key features of the rs232 magnetic card reader are as following:

  • It features a 3D magnetic head design that helps ensure high readability rate
  • It supports bi-directional card reading
  • Its operational conditions range from 0°C to 50°C and 20% to 90% RH (humidity)
  • It has vibration amplitude of 2mm, 2 G, 10 to 55 Hz per minute in the 3 dimensions
  • It is easily programmable
  • Operating Speed: 10 to 150 cm per second
  • Interface Supports RS232, USB, PS2 & TTL
  • Works with Windows 7/XP/Vista, Mac OS and Android
  • It is designed to operate using low power. Works on power supply of 5V D and maximum 65mA
  • The rs232 magnetic card reader can be fixed to a computer keywords or a flat surface
  • Recording rate: 75, 201 or 210 BPI
  • Recording capacity: 40, 79 or 107 characters
  • The head reads 1.5mm
  • Thickness: 0.76 mm +/- 0.08 mm
  • Room for error: <0.5%

The rs232 magnetic card reader has a header designed to last for 800,000 swipes. It is designed for indoor use and has a 150cm long cable. It supports the standards ISO 7811/12/13/14. The card reader weighs just 100g. With a maximum error rate of 0.5%, it is a highly reliable magnetic card reader.

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