The best wallet to save you from back pain

What’s in your front pocket?

Probably some keys, maybe a knife, definitely your phone (when it isn’t in your hands). In the back, you’ve probably got a wallet stuffed full of expired gift cards, dated receipts, and useless rewards – jacking up your spine like Michael J. Fox trying to draw a straight line.

Some people won’t make the switch to a minimalist wallet. They fear letting go of beloved wallet photos, or receipts that may be needed in a few weeks… But, even if you removed all of the receipts, photos, and junky rewards cards, you’d still be resting on a terribly uneven wedge every time you went to take a seat.

 That’s the kind of stuff that leads to crooked spines. When you lay in bed on your back and feel one side of your spine and hips painfully relaxing more than the other, you know you’ve been screwing up your back.

You’ll hear countless old timers and weightlifters advocating the importance of lifting with your legs and taking precious care of your spine… But check their back pockets, and surely enough. There it is: a bifold basking in its fat, leathery grandeur, twisting their backs into works of modern art. The really bad kind.

It’s like getting a beer belly, but for your back – you start to notice the bulging but you keep knocking back the drinks anyway. Don’t ruin your spine. Pay attention to your body, it’s telling you in those subtle leg jolts and hip aches that it doesn’t like your wallet.

So, do your future self a favor and make the switch to The Ridge. It’s the size of your credit card, can hold everything you need in your wallet, looks slick as hell, and – most importantly – won’t turn your spine into the Nile River.

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