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Comparison of LG X Screen and X Cam

LG is mostly famous for its electronic devices. It is famous for its energy saving technology which is in built in LG devices and which is very rare in other devices. As we all know that we are running in sort of natural resources LG electronic devices will be best option. Few years ago LG stepped into mobiles field with its best features and less price. Initially response for LG mobile devices is very less and later it gave tough competition to present day branded mobiles. LG smartphones are available with reasonable prices and most exciting features. For the year 2016 LG decided to launch two mobiles on same day. LG X Screen and X Cam are launching on 22nd February, 2016. To compete and also to prove its best in world market LG took this decision to launch both LG X Screen and LG X Cam at same time.

LG X Cam

LG X Screen Vs X Cam

  • Expected price of LG X Screen is Rs. 15, 999 and LG X Cam is 17, 999. The exact price was not yet confirmed. There is chance of reducing price till release date.
  • LG planned to release X Screen and X cam on 22nd February, 2016 to give tough competition as all other mobiles are planning to release in this month.
  • LG X Screen is with 4.93 inch HD IPS multi touch screen and X Cam is with 5.2 inch HD IPS touch screen. Pixel resolution is more for X Cam while X Screen is designed with secondary display technology with 1.76 inch screen and 520 x 80 pixel resolution.
  • Both LG X Screen and X Cam are coming with 13MP primary camera (rear camera) with dual LED flash and autofocus technology. Secondary camera is with 8 Megapixels. But LG X Cam has a special feature with dual rear camera with 5 Megapixels.
  • Internal memory is 16 GB and external memory slot is also provided and can be expandable up to 128 GB for both the mobile devices. There is no difference in RAM (2GB) also.
  • LG X Screen is designed with 2300 mAh and X Cam is with 2520 mAh non removable Li-Polymer battery with speed charging technology.
  • LG X Screen is with Android 6.0 version updated version whereas LG X Cam is with Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system.
  • Processor and GPU software features are almost same for both.Available in Black, White and Pink gold colors.

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