Apply These Five Secret Ways To Improve Your Golf Rangefinder Experience

Golf is a fascinating sport, but challenging. If you have had a chance to play this game, then you can bear me witness that is not an easy game to play. That is why there are gadgets such as a rangefinder to make playing golf easy. Whether you want to gain golf skills or want to use a rangefinder for fun, you need to know some techniques that can help improve your golf rangefinder experience.

Pay attention to eye-unit contact

If you need to get the most out of your golf rangefinder, make sure you pay attention to the region where your eye gets into contact with the unit. Keep in mind all models are not the same, and some require one distance between the two. Others also need you to push it. Maintaining stability is essential.

Choose a familiar distance

Rangefinder models offer different options when it comes to choosing distance measurement. Select a range that will not give you a hard time. Most players prefer choosing their distance in yards and not meters based on the field they are used to. It doesn’t matter if you measure your distance in yards or meters, all that matters is to know how to fine-tune your shot depending on the given distance. A familiar range gives you higher chances of getting closer to the hole.

Always hold your rangefinder steady

It is common to shake when holding something. This means you also likely to shake when holding your golf rangefinder as you find your target. To have the best experience with your golf rangefinder, use a tripod so it can assist you to get a steady shot. However, if your model doesn’t have a tripod that you can use, make use of your both hands. Using your hands can help you to keep stable your line of sight.

Use the sensor

This is the most significant thing that will give you the experience you need. Though some models may not have the sensor feature, others do. Ensure you have one that has it. Use the sensor to find the flags. Flags are not hard to hit. But first, use your rangefinder to determine if the flag is blocked by other targets for example trees. If the flag is in front of a tree, use another angle to make sure that you are receiving the right information.

Gauge how far the target is from the landmark

Having a rangefinder does not mean you don’t have to use your eyes. Your eyes should be the first to use when locating your target. Your human eye can give you a better idea where you should look and where the target is and any other thing. This way it will be easier using a rangefinder while knowing where to look. After you pinpoint the target, make sure you also find the landmark. Use your rangefinder to gauge the distance between the two.

Use golf designed rangefinder

Hunting and golf rangefinders are all the same: they measure distance. However, how they work to obtain the range of the desired target varies. It is thus important to use the right golf rangefinder device. Do not try to use a hunting laser rangefinder as a golf rangefinder. It will not give the experience you desire, and it is not the right device for golf.

Make your device easy to access

If you are going to keep the rangefinder where you might find some difficulty getting it, then you will not improve your experience. Regardless of the model of your golf rangefinder, ensure you put it where you can easily find when you need to use to locate the distance or anything else. Otherwise, you will have to go manual.

Practice over and over again

It is common to everyone that Rome was not built in one day. The secret here is to practice over and over again. Don’t get tired or stop until you are efficient at using your golf rangefinder.


When you first hear about golf rangefinders all is you think is just relaxing and having the most out of the device. But you need to use some techniques so you can get improve your experience. Golf rangefinders are user-friendly with impressive features; hence if you keep using the device, you will become a better golfer.

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