Control your money spending with mobile app “SmartSpends”

Everyone loves to spend money, but not everyone manage their spending. They are always busy in spending money on expensive accessories that they forget to check their bank balance and so in adverse situations faces trouble. This mismanagement of money often creates conflict among families.


Looking at this dreadful situation Times Internet launched a Smart app, Smartspends to control your money spending in most appropriate way. Apart from taking control of your expenses this smart android app can do many other finance related stuffs to manage your money spending.

It works like a next generation calculator who can easily tap your money. All you need is to install and save its intelligent algorithms feed in the text inbox of phones for organizing your spending into many different categories. This makes it easy for users to keep track on all the expensive they have done recently in just few clicks.

Inside SmartSpends App

You will find so many easy to use and manage interesting features to control your money spending. SmartSpends app can lists out merchant details and also gives a breakup of expenses under various categories.

I found out many SmartSpends features:

Card Suggest:


This “card suggest” feature suggests the best card to use for a purchase or payment from all your existing cards.



According to the user’s purchasing behavior, this smart app suggests the most relevant offers available on all cards purchase.



This feature gives an overview of all the expenses in the Summary tab. It includes a month-on-month comparison of your spending. This will give you a hint where your money is going and you can easily control your expenses accordingly.

Bill Calendar:


By using this Bill Calendar you can say goodbye to all late fees and interest charges. Under this feature, all your bills are aggregated in one view and then through its smart alert system, the app alerts you when bills are due.



Looking for Investment in mutual funds then this SmartSpends works like an investment tracker which keeps tracks on all your financial investment stats and provides you with all the required data to maintain your investment funding in more professional way.

The “SmartSpends” app helps in managing money by keeping track on all the spending. It is a straightforward app which possesses a unique interface and effective feed algorithm. It is the easiest and most user-friendly Personal Finance Android app for mobile. And it’s free!

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