5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make Everyday Life Easier

We all know that smartphones can be a beneficial asset to our lives. However, because the possibilities are so extensive, it can be easy to forget some of the simplest ways that your phone can help you in everyday life.

In this article, we’ll look at just a few ways that your smartphone can help you to keep your life on track. Let’s explore some features that many of us may have never thought of before.

Doing Your Laundry

Although laundromats are seen as an old-fashioned idea, many people still use them today, and they’ve been upgraded more than we might think. One of the main ways that communal laundromats have been brought into the present is with the use of online payments.

Some companies provide small devices that are attached to the washing machines. All the user has to do is download an app, add a payment method, scan the QR code of the relevant machine, then select their preferred price option. It’s that straightforward, and Shinepay mentions that there’s no more rummaging for change when you go to do your laundry.

Fitness Training

This is, admittedly, one of the more popular uses of a smartphone, that most of us will have heard of. There’s a wide variety of apps available to download as your own ‘personal trainer.’ Some of these will show you the exercises, while others will have detailed videos and voice commands to cheer you along in real-time.

Most of these apps will use the GPS function to record how far we’ve run, cycled, etc. They can then calculate the calories burned, your speed, or the route you took to allow you to share your progress with others.

Personal Teacher

We have endless possibilities quite literally at our fingertips when it comes to learning online. This has only increased with the development of downloadable textbooks or educational apps. There are a great number of online services where we can learn languages, mathematics, or even the periodic table. We can also find apps that give us a three-dimensional atlas or a map of the solar system.

Staying Healthy

This is a handy factor that all of us should put to good use. There is so much focus on staying fit and taking care of ourselves, and you can make this so simple by using your smartphone. Many devices will come with a preinstalled health app made by the company we purchased our phone from. If not, there are very similar applications available to download.

These apps will give us information such as target heart rate, suggested calories, and how much water we should be drinking. They calculate these levels by asking us to input basic information such as height, weight, age, etc. While these are general guidelines and not completely personal, they are still a good guide to follow to live a reasonably healthy lifestyle.

There are also apps available specifically for calorie counting or nutrition. These can be helpful for people who are making a conscious effort to lose, gain, or maintain their weight. The nutritional apps will often have blog posts or recipe ideas within them, which can be helpful for all of us, though we can also find apps that are specifically for sharing recipes with an online community.

Saving Money

The final way we’ll look at is how your smartphone can save you money. One of the things that most people strive to do is to save that extra bit of cash. Well, our smartphones can be an extremely helpful tool in this area. There are plenty of free money tracking apps to choose from, to help you be more aware of where your money’s going.

These apps will ask us to input both our income and expenses, so we can see how much money we have left until our next payday. Often, payments can be categorized into different sections. We can then use the app to show us a chart of what we spend the most on and possibly make an effort to cut down on our spends regarding that specific item.

Most of all, these types of apps keep us accountable for what we’re spending. This means that we’re making conscious decisions to pay for things, and therefore can help reduce impulse buys.


These are just a few things for us to consider in making life that little bit easier. Most of us have smartphones and carry them around 24/7. If they’re such a big part of our lives, then we should be using them to their full capabilities.

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