9 Educational Apps Every Student Should Have

Living in the 21st century with all the modern technology it is hard to spot a student who doesn’t use a smart phone, and stares at it most of the day too! Students might be wasting too much time on their phones, some already use educational apps, but still most of them don’t. There are plenty of apps out there for edutainment purposes; today we gathered the best 9 educational apps that a student should NOT live without.

Any Do

This is not exactly educational, but rather it helps you to organize your tasks. Not only is it suitable for students, but millions of people are using it. Any Do can synchronize with other devices in order to enable you to add or remove any task from any accessible device. You can even create your to do list using your voice. This app is a must have for busy people.


How many times have you lost some important college files or any important notes and had to roam the earth to get them back? You can easily prevent this from happening by using this wonderful app. It allows you to upload your files in the cloud and have free access to them whenever you want. It doesn’t matter that you forgot your phone at home, because all you need for quick access is an internet connection.


This is the largest online library; it has a wide range of data shared by students from all over the world. Not only can you access all the books, notes and texts; but you can also create your very own library with categories and all. Get this app and share the info you get with your friends.



This is the ideal mobile application for literature students. Cliffnotes offers summaries of almost every book you have read and character analysis alongside the plot and theme. It is available in written form, and the audio is available too so you can listen to it on your way.

iTunes U

If you are a student who uses an Apple device, then you’re the lucky one! The iTunes U app gives you access to different educational courses from leading universities around the world! You don’t have to dream about studying at Yale or Oxford anymore, this application will offer you the chance to learn from your place. What an amazing app!


If you are a student who writes lots of essays, then you already know that citation is the most difficult part of essay writing. This app will make your life much easier. All you have to do is to enter a book’s title and the app will give you the right citation. This app is such a relief.

If you are a bookworm, then you definitely meet lots of new words that you’re so eager to learn about; this app is for you. makes it easier to know the meaning of every word and also offers you word of the day, so it will always add to your vocabulary.


Now your phone can have all the inspiring people from all over the world in high quality! TED is the ideal example of edutainment; it has the computer geniuses, the experts, the music legends and much more. Download it and you will open your mind to many new things.


If you are a student who studies languages, then you MUST have this app on your phone. It will help you to get ready for exams and to neatly prepare your assignments! This application will also teach you new words.

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