Tips To Get a Foreign IP Address

IP address refers to your unique digital identity that is used at the time you connect to the web. It offers you the means you require in order to access internet. But sometimes it becomes crucial that we know how to change our IP address. Different users have different reasons for getting a foreign IP which ranges from security reasons to entertainment purpose. While some users change their IP to mask their original IP address; others aim to benefit by accessing content that might otherwise be restricted. Users also get a foreign IP to remain anonymous online, unblock sites and access geo-IP restricted websites.

Tips To Get a Foreign IP Address

Here are some tips that can help you get a foreign IP address.

Change Your IP Manually

Changing your IP manually is pretty easy. It will depend on the windows or operating system you are currently using. All you need to do for windows is open control panel; then Network and sharing center and change adapter settings. You can search online and get detailed instructions to change the IP of your system.


VPN refers to virtual private network, which acts as an intermediary between your server and the sites you browse online. A VPN protects you from identity theft as it hides your real IP, making it difficult for the third party to trace you. It allows you to browse online anonymously. Apart from this you can also use remote servers that are located in different countries and gain a new IP from any country you wish. You can get a trustworthy VPN service and browse safely.

Smart DNS

Smart DNS works just like a VPN, except it doesn’t encrypt your data. A smart DNS is used to hide your original IP address promptly and efficiently. With the help of manual configurations and by selecting a foreign server, you can get a foreign IP through Smart DNS. But it does come with some security hazards as compared to VPN which is safer because it encrypts your data and makes it hard for anyone to trace your online activities.

Other Tools

There are numerous tools and software’s, which allow you to get a foreign IP and mask your original IP address. These tools can be used anywhere, regardless of the location of an individual. There are online browsers like the “Tor Browser” that enables you to defend your anonymity while you browse online. You can get a new IP after downloading and safely installing this browser on your system. There are other software too, you can take advantage from and efficiently change or mask your IP.

These were some quick fixes to the question How to get a foreign IP? We have highlighted most efficient ways to change your IP but you need to keep in mind that not all of these methods are equally dependable. Each one of them comes with their perks, security hassles or other factors that have to be considered.

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