How to get started as a vlogger

Video is one of the most engaging mediums, and as a result, vlogging – or video blogging – is a great way to build a fan base. With some studies showing that the human brain can get through videos tens of thousands of times more quickly than it can get through written copy, there’s great potential here both for content creators and for advertisers. However, while it seems like a simple task where all that’s required is a webcam and a big smile, there’s much more to it than that. Vlogs need to be edited, for example, and they also need to be distributed and marketed across the web. Here, then, are some handy tools for you to use.

Editing software

Well-edited videos are essential if you’re going to become a successful vlogger. One of the most common vlog styles is the frequent cut style, which has the vlogger speak just one sentence – or an even shorter chunk of dialogue – before moving to a new take for the next one, rather than filming it all in one go. This gives a feeling of urgency and speed, and helps those viewers with short attention spans to stay focused. Achieving this style is simple with one of the many cheap or even free video editing packages out there, so don’t be afraid to start learning how to do it.

Explainer videos

If your vlog’s topic one week is particularly complex, then a video explainer may be a useful way to simplify it and get your message across visually without losing your audience’s interest. On other occasions, you may be approached to produce a sponsored post – and the text box and graphic overlay tools that explainer software can provide will come in useful. Luckily, a simple explainer video maker can do most of this work for you – and you can add funky yet subtle animation effects.

Marketing tools

Those who don’t fully understand the way that the new online world works may be under the impression that all it takes to go big as a vlogger is to upload a video, sit back and wait for the viral effect to kick in. In reality, most vloggers find themselves frustrated at first when they can’t quite get their efforts off the ground – so you’ll need some marketing tools in order to speed up the process.

It’s possible to boost your channel using AdWords (YouTube is owned by Google), while you can also hire people to approach other bloggers who may be able to give you a shout-out. Once you have a fan base in place, you can also then start using tools such as Facebook Audience Reach to direct people to an official landing page – where you can then sell merchandise and other added extras.

Vlogging is a fantastic way to get your message out there, no matter what it might be. From makeup tutorials to practical recipe demonstrations and even just a quick discussion of what’s gone on during your day, there’s plenty that you can talk about to fill each and every vlog. Once your profile is big enough, you can also earn some cash through sponsored content – and, once again, these free tools can come in especially handy for making that monetization process simple.

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