The Most Powerful Power Bank You Can Buy

Anyone who uses a MacBook or smartphone knows how important it is to carry a power bank. But given the large number of options on the market, it can be overwhelming choosing a powerful power bank. It is important to consider the various charging specs, ports, and even cables to ensure that you get the most powerful power bank.

With such an abundance of electronic devices on the market today, the issue of avoiding low battery is common among consumers, particularly due to power-hungry laptops, mobile phones and tablets. To resolve battery draining problems, portable chargers have been created and launched into the market. Any power bank (portable charger) under 20,000mAh should not be viewed as high-capacity. With the increasing demand for powerful power banks, there are now power banks that can meet the demands of all consumers, particularly those seeking the most powerful power bank

There are portable chargers on the market that are underpowered with low USB-C power output (18/30/45/60W). However, there are many high-capacity power banks available that are efficient and fast at charging power consuming devices. The most powerful power bank should be as portable as possible so it is easy to carry. Also, it should have a very large capacity to recharge such devices as iPhones, tablets, laptops, and more. In addition, it should be able to provide fast charging when you need it, no matter where you are located.

Most Powerful Power Bank:


The Zendure SuperTank is the most powerful power bank. SuperTank packs up to 100W of USB-C Power Delivery in a single port which can serve as both an input and an output. Thanks to its 100W output, SuperTank can charge your 15″ MacBook Pro 2018 at full speed, only taking 1.5 hours to charge from 0% to 100% (when not in use). Together with 27,000mAh capacity, SuperTank can even double your MacBook Pro battery life.

The Zendure SuperTank is designed to be tough enough to go anywhere, while also making sure it looks good enough that you’d want to take it everywhere.  As a member of the Zendure A-Series battery family, SuperTank is made from a durable composite material (polycarbonate + ABS). The exterior shell is reinforced by support ridges to resist warping. SuperTank is the most powerful power bank.

Most 27,000mAh power banks on the market are very long, and actually take up a lot more space than the Zendure shorter form. As well, it can stand up firmly because of the design, so that a user can access the four ports conveniently. The wider end surface allowed for the addition of four USB ports, instead of only three, and the digital LED screen in the middle. SuperTank allows you to charge four devices at the same time, including laptops, tablets, cameras, cell phones, and other mobile devices.

SuperTank Provides Faster Charging:

With such powerful output this most powerful power bank can provide fast charging for two laptops or tablets and two mobile devices all at once. Pass-through charging is very helpful if you like to keep your portable charger at full capacity. With dual USB-C ports, you can charge SuperTank and your other USB-C compatible devices at the same time. SuperTank’s massive 27,000mAh capacity keeps you powered on the go. It can extend your 15″ MacBook Pro battery life for 8 hours.

SuperTank is equipped with eight power cells, which are commonly used by premium electric vehicles but rarely seen in consumer electronics. Compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries, power cells provide 5x faster charging speeds and generate much less heat, reducing the risk of decreased performance or damage. In addition, SuperTank has nine layers of safety protection: overcharge protection, over discharge protection, dual temperature protection, short-circuit protection, output overpower protection, output overcurrent protection, input overcurrent protection, input overvoltage protection, and MCU reset.

SuperTank has dual-temperature protection units (dual-NTC). This means even if one of the temperature protection units fails, the other back-up sensor will keep monitoring the temperature to ensure the safety of you and your devices.

Quality SuperTank Design:

As a member of the Zendure A-Series battery family, SuperTank still adopts the classic ridged design. It is designed to be tough enough to go anywhere, while also making sure it looks good enough that you’d want to take it everywhere. A user can access the four ports conveniently. The wider surface supports four USB ports, instead of only three, and the digital LED screen is in the middle, forming a perfect symmetry.

Sometimes when you use a typical Power Delivery portable charger to power your laptop, it will charge itself instead. SuperTank comes with a PD direction switch feature to keep you in control. Give the power button a long press, and you’ll switch the direction of SuperTank’s power flow to ensure the laptop is being charged. Similarly, you could also allow the laptop to charge SuperTank by long-pressing the power button again.

Never Worry About Power Interruptions and Data Loss:

With UPS mode, there is no power interruption when switching between battery and pass-through charging mode. This makes SuperTank ideal for things like security systems, microcontrollers, home automation, network storage, and backup power for WiFi routers since there will be no interruption of power that will cause the devices being charged to reboot and lose data.

AA high capacity power bank does more than just charge your tablet or smartphone many times. When you are out and about, these portable chargers also power larger devices like laptops that not only require more capacity, but also require a higher output. If you are looking for a power bank to keep more than just your smartphone charged, the best high capacity portable charger is the Zendure SuperTank.

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