4 SEO Principles to Shine More Than your Competitors

Whether you have a small business, a start-up or an existing booming business, any good businessman knows that one of the best strategies that he can opt for is to create a great website for his business which will attract just the right kind of customers. However, creating a great website is not as easy as simply setting up a web page and inputting the information of your business. In order to make your website and your business a success, you need to understand some very important SEO techniques.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an extremely important strategy for any business website. By optimizing your search engine, you can increase the traffic to your website by making it easy for other search engines to find your website and organize it, giving your website higher rankings. The higher the ranking on your website, the more audience and increased traffic it enjoys. Here are 4 important SEO principles that you can use to outshine your competitors:


Make your Page Load Faster:

Gone are the days when audiences had the patience to wait for minutes for a certain webpage to load. Even till a little while ago, audiences seemed to have more patience when it came to dealing with slow loading websites and pages, however, with the advent of faster paced internet and better websites to explore, audiences do not have the patience to sit and wait for a slow loading web page anymore.

If you want your website to rank about your competitor websites, one of the first and most important SEO principles you need to put into play is to make your website load faster. Do this by removing anything that could potentially slow down your site. In fact, it is surprising to find that if a website typically takes more than 3 seconds to load, at least 40% of the visitors will abandon the website and not return to it again. However, with fast loading pages, about 80% of visitors will come back and revisit your page. This is a brilliant strategy if you wish to have repeat audiences on your website.

Linking to other relevant pages:

For most website owners, the myth follows that if you link your content to other websites, you are essentially driving away your audience to another web page. However, this is simply a myth and it should be busted immediately.

The fact of the matter is that link building is a great SEO strategy which you should design into your website if you want your website to be a business success. The reason is that linking makes your website more valuable and scalable. Whenever it is appropriate, you should link your content to other websites which have credible content. This will, in fact, increase the value of your website in the eyes of the audience, as they form a trust in your website to be able to find all the information that they need. They would repeat visits to your website if they are looking for information or links for the appropriate information. The number of backlinks you have on your website, the relevance of these backlinks and the pages, and also the keywords which you are using for your backlinks can actually influence the ranking and position of your own page in search engines. This is a great strategy which every website owner should learn more about and implement in their web pages.

Optimize a Mobile Version of your Website:

As you already might know, most of the traffic (about 57%) of it comes from mobile visitors. Since everyone seems to be hooked on to using their phones and it is definitely the more friendly option than searching on your desktop or laptop when you are on the go, if you want your website to be a success over other competitors, it is imperative that you have an optimized mobile version of your website.

However, it is important for you to understand that the keyword ranking will be different on desktop sites and on mobiles. This is the reason why you need to work individually on your mobile website to optimize it for users who are searching on the go. The mobile content that you use for your website should be very user-friendly, short and crisp, easy to read and go through, and fast loading for mobile devices. There should be enough images as well which can keep the visitor interested long enough on your mobile website to scroll through the other content easily from their mobile devices.

Make your Social Media Presence Known:

This SEO strategy might seem more like a good marketing strategy, however, it is actually a very important SEO principal that you should know about and use for your websites. The social media page of your website ranks in search engines, in fact, many companies’ social media website ranks at the top of search engines, over their official websites. Since more and more people are starting to use social media on a regular level, having a strong social media presence can really affect the ranking of your website on search engines. According to the, many customers actually click on social media websites first, to find out more about a company or a brand.

It is a great idea to make your social media website and presence much felt and in fact, very strong, as a good strategy to rank over your competitors. So, these are some of the most important SEO principals you can use for your website.

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