Xender Apk Download Latest Version for Android Devices

Introduction to Xender Apk:

Xender is the instant file transferring application. It is one of the most popular applications used for transfer of files around the world. In this app users are provided with the convenient interface for file transfer. The transfer of files can be done in between various platforms. The transfer may be between the same-platform or cross-platform.

Share Music and Transfer Files-Xender
Xender file transfer app

This application is supported by four different platforms. They include Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Tizen. The first release of the Xender app came out on July 19th, 2013. And the updated version of the Xender app is version 4.4.2 Prime and it was released on January 24th, 2019. The application was famous for its features like speed, convenience, and cost-saving. Initially, the application used to run with the support of Bluetooth for connection purpose. Later on, the application has come up with various versions which gradually changed its connecting media. Wifi and hotspot are used for the connection in the latest version of the application. And the company has even increased its advancement by introducing the portability of connecting the devices through QR code scanning. With the introduction of Hotspot signals usage for file transfer, the speed of the file transfer in xender has increased to 40 MBPS.

The application took shape for providing mobile users with a convenient way of transferring files and apps between different devices. Traditionally, there are many ways of transferring any type of files between two devices. Bluetooth, NFC are some of them. This is the secure way of transferring data, but not the fastest way. The transfer speed of Xender can be noted at least 50 times faster than that of Bluetooth. Coming to the communication distance, xender supports much longer distance than the Bluetooth. The app supports approximately 100 meters distance between the two connecting devices.

Xender is mainly known for its attractive feature “Zero data file transfer”. The transfer of files through xender doesn’t require any cost-incurred features like Wi-Fi connection or cellular data for any of the terminal. ( whether it is sender or receiver). And along with these, Xender also supports the transfer of all types of files.

The transfer of files can be done cross-platform. The different scenarios in cross-platform include, Android Smartphone to PC and vice versa, iPhone to PC and vice versa, Windows phone to PC and vice versa, Between two Android smartphones, between two iPhones, between two Windows phones, between two PC’s, Android Smartphone to Windows phone and vice versa, Android Smartphone to iPhone and vice versa, Windows Smartphone to iPhone and vice versa.

The application also supports the devices with No SIM card. Hence The transfer between Tablet and any of the (Android phone, iPhone, Windows phone, PC or Laptop) devices. Similar to the Tablet, iPad also supports all the scenarios that are supported by the Tablet. And finally, the iPad and Tablet can also exchange data through Xender.

How to Download and Install Xender Apk for Android devices:

The process of downloading Xender includes very easy steps that are mentioned below. The application is available in different versions for different platforms. Xender for Android, Xender for Windows phone, Xender for PC and Xender for iPhone.

  • Xender for Android devices is available in the Google Play store and is available for all the Android versions.
  • Xender for Windows is found in the Windows Store and you can download directly by fetching there.
  • Xender for PC is possible to download by initially installing the Bluestacks application. Bluestacks act as a Store for Personal Computer with the similar apps found in the Google Play Store.
  • Xender for iPhone was also available for free in the AppStore. Actually, iPhone is not flexible for transferring data with any other device with different platforms which could be the biggest drawback. This can be solved by Xender application even without hassles of the data cable and all the stuff.

With its high-quality interface and great user experience, it reached around 700 million users downloaded and using the Xender. The users of the app have covered all the time zones on the globe. It is available in around 30 languages. The languages supported by Xender include English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Vietnamese.

Steps to download and install Xender:

  • Initially, the device needs to have the Google Play Store application. It was available by default, but just verify whether is there or not.
  • Once you found click on it and you will be redirected to the home page of Play Store.
  • On the home page of Play Store, go to the search box and type Xender.
  • You will be given a list of apps with name xender included in it.
  • Choose the original one by seeing its developed by whom. The Xender application was developed by Xender team and the name of the app is “Share Music & Transfer Files-Xender”.
  • Once you click on it, the page before you is Xender app page. Click on install below the application.
  • The download of app starts, and once downloaded, automatically installation process starts.
  • Before installing the app asks the user for allowing various permissions. Allow them and continue. The app will be installed for further use. The application permission includes access to various apps and settings on your device. The list app permissions are detailed below for your understanding.

Application Permissions asked by the Xender:

  • Camera:

The application asks for permission to access the camera to take pictures and to record videos.

  • Contacts:

To access contacts application to read your contacts to modify your contacts.

  • Location:

Requests access to approximate location based on the network.

  • Call Log:

To access call logs to write to Call Log or to read from Call Log.

  • Phone:

For reading the phone status and identity.

  • SMS:

This permission allows the app to read your text messages (SMS or MMS).

  • Storage:

This allows the app to modify or delete the contents from the SD card or read the contents of the SD card.

  • Other permissions
    • To prevent phone from sleeping.
    • To allow app to view Wi-Fi connections.
    • To allow app to receive data from the Internet.
    • To allow Wi-fi Multicast reception.
    • Give access to Google Play Peer To Peer App Install API.
    • Allow the app to send the sticky broadcast.
    • The application should be allowed to connect or disconnect Wi-Fi when required.
    • Should be given full access to the network.
    • should be capable of retrieving running apps.
    • Access to the Flashlight by the statement, android.permission.FLASHLIGHT.
    • To be allowed to access Bluetooth settings.
    • This application can be able to appear on the top of the other apps.
    • Permit the app to run at startup.
    • Access to view network connections.
    • Give access to control vibration.
    • Ability to reorder the running apps.
    • The capability of changing network connectivity.
    • To play Install Referrer API.
    • To pair with Bluetooth devices.

How to Use Xender Apk for Android Devices:

The usage of the application is very easier, once the download is finished.

The usage of the app functionalities like transferring files or apps, you need to on the Wi-Fi in the sender’s device and switch on the hotspot in the receiver’s device. And connect the sender’s device to the device of the receiver through Wi-Fi. Once the connection is established, you can transfer media between the devices.

The functionalities provided by the app for usage are listed below.

  • Sharing of any type of files in any place at any time.
  • The sharing is done absolutely without mobile data usage.
  • The transfer speed is 200 times faster than through Bluetooth.
  • The app supports all the Operating Systems, Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows, PC/Mac cross-platform transferring.
  • There is no need for USB connector or connection and PC software installation.
  • Xender is the choice of 500 Million users around the world.
  • Daily, through this app 100 million files are transferred approximately.
  • The app can play all music files and videos files.
  • It is a Wi-Fi file transfer master.

Requirements of Xender Apk:

The download of Xender application requires some storage space on the device and should be running on any version of the Android Operating System.

  • The Android Operating System phone by default has the Google Play Store app and hence you could download from it.
  • The space of 13 MB is required for downloading the application.

After the download, for using the application on your device, the app has some requirements.

  • The device should have the flexibility to switch on the Hotspot option and Wi-fi option for connecting both the devices.
  • The app should be able to scan the QR code for connecting the devices.

Features of Xender Apk:

The major features of the application for its success are,

  • Transfer files with flash speed

You can transfer bigger files like videos within seconds at a rate of 40MBPS

  • Share all kinds of files without restrictions

Sharing of a small document to the bigger videos like movies and even apps through this app.

  • Free of network connection

No need for data, Internet or cables, but can transfer files at any time at any place even in the remote areas.

  • Send large files without limitation

There is no limitation for the file size that can be transferred.

  • Supports cross-platform transferring

The cross-platform transfer can fulfill many impossible things before this.

  • Smartphone replication

You can send the data like Contacts and SMS from the older phone to the new one very easily in a simple single step.

  • File manager

Xender also acts as a file manager, for which you need not download other file manager app.

  • Check out for connected friends’ mobile apps

Apps can be transferred from your friend’s phone to yours in a single step.

  • Friendly design

All the operations that can be made on a file or an item are provided to do in this app like, opening, installing, uninstalling, deleting and viewing etc.

  • Slide pictures to share

Just need to swipe the pictures to share them with your friends.

Connection optimization is done in the latest update of the app. Various known bugs were also fixed.


The final line that could be said on the application is the app is convenient for users and allows fast transfer of data between any platform devices at any time.

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