Top 10 YouTube Alternatives

Do you love to watch videos online? If yes then you must be aware of YouTube. YouTube is a free online tool where you can enjoy with live streaming of your favorite videos. YouTube was started back in 2005. From 2005 YouTube officials has worked really well and as a result of their efforts, today YouTube is world’s biggest online video watching portal. It provides the platform to discover, watch and share originally created videos. Along with this, it comes with a Forum which allows users to connect with peoples worldwide. In short, YouTube is no doubt the online video watching platform. Here on YouTube you can watch latest TV serials, Movies, Ads, News, Documentaries and all other related things. But because of YouTube many peoples are still not aware of other sources which are too doing pretty well in similar field. So here I am going to discuss about all those websites which can be a good place for all video lovers. There are lots of similar sites but here I will discuss about quality sites only. So now let’s talk about Top 10 alternatives of YouTube.

Top 10 YouTube Alternatives

1. Metacafe


Metacafe is YouTube’s biggest competitor and one of best alternative. It is in business since long and at present it is among top 3 video sites in US. It deals in videos of every type whether a television show, a movie or any other kind of video. Currently it serves about 40 million monthly pages worldwide. These huge numbers of pages are enough to prove its reliability and trust among audience.

2. Google Video

Google Video

It is very much similar to YouTube. Here you can very easily get any of your favorite video for free. All you need to do is to type you video’s name or keywords in the search box (provided at the homepage). Here you can access any of the video (which is there in Google Video’s database) by just logging in to your Google Account.

3. VuClip


Vuclip is another alternative for YouTube. Like YouTube it doesn’t streams video online but you can download them to your computer or mobile and can enjoy them anytime. Its huge database consists of videos of every type. Vuclip is very famous and useful for all the devices which don’t come with online streaming options (I’m talking about mobile phones). Users who are using such devices can get best out of Vuclip.

4. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is a very popular and authority website to watch videos online. it holds very good rankings worldwide. It is a French website where you can upload and watch videos. It is world’s 31st most visited website with approx. 116 Million visitors per month. It was launched on 15 March 2005 and since then it is delivering its wonderful services to its viewers and lovers.

5. Hulu


Hulu is another video related website which was started in March 2007 with its headquarter situated in Los Angeles US. All the contents of Hulu are available in two languages, English and Japanese. At Hulu you can enjoy live streaming of TV shows and movies. It comes with lots of filers which can deliver you your required specified video in seconds. It is a good alternative for YouTube which is very popular in United States.

6. Vimeo


Vimeo was started in November 2004. It is the oldest giant online video streaming world. Because of less exposer it didn’t reached greater heights but from 2011 its stats are continuously growing. At present it has around 8 million registered users and 65 million unique visitors per month. If we look at the past then this website has seen many ups and downs. But because of cumulative efforts of its team this website is still in race and is really doing very well. This website has also seen permanent ban from some countries like India but in case you live outside those company, you can anytime enjoy with superb quality video streaming service of Vimeo.

7. Revver


Revver is also an old fish which was founded in 2004. Their current headquarter is situated in Los Angeles California. Video services on Revver were activated from 28 October 2005. It has a huge database of almost every kind of videos which can be streamed for free.

8. Blip


Blip is popularly known as and deals with online streaming of all kinds of television shows. It was founded in 2005 with its headquarter situated in New York. Because of some content violations, it is blocked in China and Turkey. Except these two countries, you can access Blip from any other part of world.

9. Veoh


Veoh is a new video streaming website which was launched in February 2007. This website deals with all types of video contents. This website is blocked from lots of countries which mainly includes Asia and Africa parts.

10. ZippCast


ZippCast is YouTube like video sharing and watching platform where you can access any type of video. It comes with a huge database and very friendly custom support. this site has got appreciation from very other trusted offline sources like magazines and newspapers. If you are looking for good and high quality videos then it can be a good option for you.

So these 10 sites are best alternatives for YouTube. Please note that I haven’t made this list according to any rank or quality rather it is a random list. As mentioned above some of the sites are restricted/blocked in particular countries so please choose only those sites which are accessible in your country. If you have some better suggestions or reviews then please let me know through your comments.

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