4 Easy Ways to Secure Your MAC Against Hackers

Although it remains true today that Macs have fewer problems with hacking and malware, these devices are by no means immune to the issue. As a Mac user, you should still be vigilant in protecting your computers and should never take the situation lightly. To make your Mac a fortress impenetrable to hackers, secure your systems with these easy steps.

  1. Create a Standard User Account

Create a standard user account for everyday activities. This is one of the easiest things you can do to secure your Mac. Because it is a non-admin account, it protects the administrator user account and leaves them only for system configuration.

  1. Ditch Java and Auto Download in Safari

You should always be aware of what is being installed on your Mac. Java contains a host of vulnerabilities, so turn it off when you aren’t using it if you must have it on your Mac. To disable the auto download feature in Safari, simply go to settings, hit the General tab and uncheck “Open safe files after downloading.”

  1. Disable Remote Login Features

Unless it is absolutely necessary for your work, disabling all remote access to your Mac is essential. Remote access is essentially a welcome sign for hackers. To disable the feature, complete the following steps, or haveIT servicesdo it for you:

  • Click the Apple button
  • Select System Preferences
  • Click the Sharing option
  • Uncheck the Remote Login box
  1. Use GateKeeper 

GateKeeper is an app that checks malware to protect your Mac from misbehaving apps that come from the internet. Set up your GateKeeper to notify you if you any of the apps you download are digitally unsigned of the file does not come from the Apple store. This adds a great layer of protection against malware.

Protecting your Mac against hackers is essential if you want to keep your information your own. MelroseINC is proud to be an Apple service center that can help you with all your malware protection needs. Contact our store today to get started by calling 323-937-4600.

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