Bid Adieu To Your Hectic And Tiring Office Work Style – Become A Blogger And Earn Handful Of Money

Become A Blogger And Earn Handful Of Money

Become A Blogger And Earn Handful Of Money
After a successful school and college education, it’s time to reap the fruits of many years of hard work. On an average, people spend about 16 to 18 years in educating themselves. However, not many of them will exactly know on where they land when it comes to job. Do you think the schools and colleges have prepared the younger generation who can survive in the real world difficulties? All that was taught in both the arena is to study hard and get good grades so that you can grab the dream job that you have been waiting for. Many of you might have landed in your dream jobs but are you really satisfied with what you have? Or does the high profile job keeps giving you all the luxuries that you wanted in life?

Real life difficulties with a job in MNC

Real life difficulties with a job in MNC
World has become a globalized village. There are various channels through which you can work and earn. Most people have a great feeling towards the IT MNC and Automobile companies which promise them to give handful of money and other luxuries in a shorter duration. However, does it hold true when it comes to the real life scenario? IT and Automobile companies were named for the example sake and this list will include almost all the sectors.

Trading Time: This is the first difficulty that any employee would face in his/her life. Parents and teachers have always told us to work hard so that we can earn a lot. People have become blind folded and get addicted towards their job profile. High salary job does not mean that employees should always be glued to their computer screen. Late working hours has become a part of many professionals and people even tend to forget their family. They trade time for money. Longer they work, better their pay will be and so is the growth ladder.

Problem 1: Professionals do not spend much time with their family members. Money cannot bring happiness in the family.

Work Stress: Drawing 4 digit and 5 digit salary is not a very simple task. It is often an herculean task which will involve mammoth targets, quality performance, driving innovation and leading a power packed team. Every high paying job comes with a stress and fear factor. Most people do not know to handle the pressure and succumbs to the pressure at a later stage. They tend to spend more time in office trying to solve problems but ending up in nothing.

Problem 2: As a result of this stress factors, people are not able to move socially and it will create a rift in the family. Problem gets exaggerated when it enters the living room and things become worst.

Wasting Time in Travel: Gone were the good olden days where office spaces used to be found within the city limit. With the current development phase in the realty sector, most of the offices are situated at a farther point in the city. People will have to travel almost 2 hours for the one way to reach office. It takes a toll at the quality of life when people have to travel close to 4 or 5 hours every day for their work.

Problem 3: Quality time which can be spent with the family members is being wasted in the name of traveling to office. If spent with the closed ones at home, it will improve the standard of life.

Getting Peanuts For Your Hard Work: Not everyone gets a high paying job and the conditions are worst with the onset of economic downturn. People have to struggle very hard to bring bread and butter to the table. Most of the employees are being underpaid for the work they do. Companies expect the employees to earn at least 5 times their salary to retain them. Doesn’t it really take a toll and give a mental pressure? Of course yes!!
Problem 4: Employees have to earn at least $XXXXX to get a salary of at least $XXX. How good will it be to earn $XXXXX and keep all the $XXXXX with you? Is it possible when you work for a company? Certainly not!

Here is a heavenly solution for all these problems! Bid adieu to the hard working times and be your own boss. Here is the chance to become an entrepreneur and start exploring things with no or little investment. If you think you have the passion and interest to write and spread the knowledge, blogging is the right platform to kick start your ambitious projects.

Get Your Midas Touch With Blogging Tools:

The internet platform has witnessed a robust growth and has increased its customer base to a mammoth size. It is highly impossible to define the abilities and possibilities of this internet machine. Do you know that blogging can bring you enough cash which will be more than the hard earned money when you work for a company? It is true and here are some of the advantages of blogging.

Reasons to blog and earn:

  • It requires two or three hours on a daily basis to run a blog. You can spend the rest of your time with the family members.
  • It still gives the same amount of money which you will be drawing as salary while working for a company.
  • If you can increase your working hours from three to six, you can double up the potential of earning more than required.
  • It is very easy to market the blog with the right kind of content and reach out to potential advertisers and target audience.
  • You can improve the visibility of your blogs and start making a better revenue.
  • You can be own your boss and there is no one to question you about your activities.
  • You will be identified as a “entrepreneur” and very soon you can start employing freelancers and create employment opportunities.
  • You need not step out of your room to work which means you will not have to get turmoiled on the busy roads during peak traffic hours.
  • Blogging is absolutely stress free and you will gain a lot of knowledge in the long run.

Do you really think the above said reasons are enough to quit your plummet jobs and start blogging today? Do not delay your decision of quitting any more as there are several others who have started and reached the farthest point in blogging. Be a pioneer and start leading the younger generation. It is better to be late than never.

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