Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-The Amazing Features

Android jelly bean is one of the recent Android version by Google and declares it to be one of the new versions of android. As expected now eyes are on its amazing features that will bring a new renaissance in the world of operating systems. Basically this, version is built on the android 4.1 Jelly Bean and come with loads of exciting features that we are going to discuss about. Lets read on to know more.


Android Jelly Bean – Butter Project

Under the hood of butter project, Google ensures that this latest version of android works smoothly and is being optimized with the Vsync technology. It enables 3 x supports to the different frames, right from the wide frames to the other 60 frames in just a second and also hand out the better touch experience.

For people who are passionate about widgets jelly bean is a better option for them since android 4.1 jelly bean magically resize and arrange icon moving from one page to the other. Even when it comes to the deleting widgets it is as easier as anything and you can do just by flicking across the top.  To add, it also features on the improved typing speed with unique algorithms adjacent to the swift key for android.

Improved Voice Typing

One of the exciting experiences in voice typing is that it types everything with your command. Google has made is very comprehensive by blending it in the operating system as well.  You can  use this newly organized keyboard in more than eighteen languages such as Hindi, Hebrew, and Arabic. Taking a step ahead it also works on the improved accessibility and supports the Braille input which is a boon for the visually handicapped users.

Another interesting feature about the android belly jean is that it’s camera is much faster while taking snaps and videos. Users can easily delete them just by swiping around on the screen and share them instantly on any of the social networking using NFC technology.

Features of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android jelly bean has a long list of exciting features that makes its user quite amazed for a longer time. The notification is wonderfully expanded with reliable tasks. This helps you out in taking up immediate actions, for instance for a missed call, you can see notification, i.e. call back and send message. Soon it is going to feature some more applications like foursquare, radio and other applications.  Beside notification, Google brings in other updates as well such as its search bar. The android jelly bean also adds the Google knowledge graph and ranks the search accordingly.  It also facilities voice search that enables you handle multiple works at a time.

The last but not the least, android jelly bean also houses the some highly powerful tools like the robust task manager you can manage their quite easily. Android jelly bean also fork down the current also accords search history, calendar and location. It also caters all the valuable information regarding the recent activity going around and manages tickets and other useful actions.

Therefore keep looking ahead about this technology when it will come in new gadgets.

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