Selecting the right bespoke software developer–Tips for start-ups

Founding a company is quite challenging and demanding at the same time, since there are countless facets you have to take care of, starting with hiring the best employees for doing the job and ending with finding the right location for your company. However, there is an aspect you should not forget about and that is having the right software with which to make your employees’ work and your job a lot easier. It is recommended to go for bespoke software, so you should start looking for one of the best software developers right away. Here are the main qualities to look for in an IT specialist from this domain.


Resorting to bespoke software instead of an off-the-shelf one is definitely a better choice and brings you many benefits. One of these benefits is that the software is tailor-made to meet your needs and interests, which means that it is not available on the online market and your competitors cannot benefit from it. However, you have to keep in mind that you have to work with a professional developer in order to obtain the best results.

Good communication Skills

What makes the difference between good and great software developers lies in good communication skills. For an IT specialist, it is highly important to know how to communicate with their clients, what questions to ask them in order to understand their needs and how to answer potential questions their clients might have in order to eliminate any doubt. As a result, a software developer should know not only how to communicate with their clients, but also how to listen to what they are saying, thus understanding what they expect from that developer and what features and settings that software should include.


Experience is another crucial factor in the selection process of a developer. It is advisable to ask the specialists to present you their portfolio that contains previous projects they worked at in the past in order to get a clearer idea upon how well they did their job. You can even contact some of their previous clients in order to ask their opinion regarding those specialists to see whether it really pays to work with them or not. An expert that has several years of experience in the domain will handle a lot easier any issue he or she might encounter during the process.


Since you are starting your first business, money is a priority for you and you want to save as much money as possible. When searching for the right bespoke software developer on the internet, make sure you make a list of the ones you find and write down some details about each of them including the price list for the services they provide. This way it will be a lot easier for you to visualise them and decide upon the right one to fit not only your needs, but also your budget.

Resorting to bespoke software is definitely a better choice, especially if you are starting your first business and these tips are meant to help you select the right developer for you.

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