Top JS Frameworks in 2021

Probably, front-end developers are familiar with something similar: you enter «the best JavaScript frameworks» in a search engine and you get a whole mountain of results in response, from which it is very difficult to choose exactly what you need.

What is best for developing client-side web projects? The author of the material, the first part of the translation of which we publish today, says that as a full-time programming person, she knows that front-end developers are looking for something that will allow them to speed up their work and make it easier to create interfaces.


In order to flexibly use React in web development, there are many additional tools to learn. For example, here is a far from exhaustive list of such tools provided by libraries that can be used in conjunction with React. These are Redux, MobX, Fluxy, Fluxible, RefluxJS. In React development, you can also use the jQuery AJAX, Superagent, Axios, and Fetch APIs.

A whole ecosystem has developed around the React library, represented by various auxiliary tools and libraries. Some of the building blocks of this ecosystem are:

  • The React and React Router library itself is a tool for managing routes in an application;
  • The react-dom package for working with the DOM;
  • React developer tools for Firefox and Chrome browsers;
  • JSX is a markup language that allows you to describe HTML elements in JavaScript code;
  • The create-react-app command line tool for creating templated React projects;
  • Various auxiliary libraries. These include, for example, the Redux library used to manage application state and the Axios library used to communicate with server APIs.


At the AngularConnect 2019 conference, the Angular development team made statements that allow us to consider the release of Angular 9 a turning point in the development of this framework. In particular, the plan is to make the Angular Ivy compiler a standard tool available for all applications. The main advantages of this technology are that its use allows you to speed up the development process, reduce the size of applications, increase their performance and reliability.

Modern Angular is an advanced modular front-end development framework. Previously, to connect Angular to a page, it was enough just to add the corresponding tag to its HTML code, but now the developer can import the Angular modules he needs into his project.

Angular is known for its flexibility. This is why Angular 1.x versions are still relevant. However, many developers these days use Angular 2+ because of the MVC architecture of the framework, which has changed significantly towards a component based architecture.

Anyone who wants to use Angular will have to face some difficulties when mastering this framework. For example, it is almost imperative to use TypeScript to build Angular applications. While this makes Angular harder to work with, it has its advantages. In particular, it increases the reliability of applications due to advanced type checking, which gives the programmer additional development tools.


Outsource Node.JS development services as the backend framework, you automatically get all the benefits of full-featured JavaScript development, including:

  • optimal application speed;
  • the ability to share and reuse;
  • a huge number of free tools;
  • cross-platform.

All this allows us to make the development process as flexible and less time-consuming as possible. As a result, you get high-quality and reliable software in the shortest possible time. JavaScript development companies may get started with back-end programming with minimal effort by packaging existing code into modules and creating new levels of abstraction.

React Native

Some of the reasons that help in choosing React Native app development for cross-platform app development are given below:

  • Offers an application that is much more stable compared to other frameworks;
  • Modular architecture;
  • Optimum performance;
  • Flexibility;
  • Many preloaded elements help simplify the coding process for developers;
  • Compared to other frameworks for cross-platform application development, there is a better coding system.

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