How To Download Podcast Addict App For PC

Podcasts are becoming popular day by day in this age of the Internet, it seems a lot of people are interested in listening to their favorite artists or experts talk about topics they like.  In addition to this, another prime reason behind the rising popularity of Podcasts is that they’re relatively easy to find on the Internet. Therefore, a lot of people have started favoring Podcasts over traditional videos and stuff.


If you’re a fan of Podcasts and looking for the best and reliable apps to listen to your favorite Podcasts, then you are in the right place. Today, in this article, we’re going to show an excellent app called “Podcast Addict” and how to easily install it on your PC (Windows or Mac). So, without wasting any further time on the introduction, let’s go ahead and dive into the topic straight away.

Podcast Addict App Features

Podcast Addict is a fairly popular app used by millions and millions of users from all around the world for listening to their favorite podcasts. One of the best things about the Podcast Addict app is that it contains a huge library that features Podcasts by various artists, experts, etc. Moreover, it also comes with plenty of other features such as the option to add your favorite YouTube or Twitch Channels in the app.

Overall, the Podcast Addict is probably the best app we’ve got in the Google Play Store to try out. If you’re looking for a free podcast application, then you should definitely try out the Podcast Addict App on your device. Some of the highlight features of the Podcast Addict are mentioned in the following list.

  • Vast Library: Podcast Addict contains a metric ton of Podcasts from all around the world divided into separate categories. You can select your preferred category and discover new podcasts to listen to.
  • Stream Podcasts:- You can either stream your favorite Podcasts over the Internet in the Podcast Addict App or simply download them in the to access them later without internet connectivity on your device.
  • Free To Use:- You don’t have to pay anything to listen to your favorite Podcasts in the ap, it’s completely free, however, there are a few advertisements which can be removed by purchasing the pro version.
  • Custom support for YouTube and Twitch:- Users have the option to add their favorite YouTube and Twitch channels in the Podcast Addict app for live streaming podcasts.
  • Podcast Radio:- Podcast Addict app also comes with a Radio feature where you can listen to your favorite Radio stations for free of charge on any device without any hassle.
  • Elegant User Interface: The user interface of the Podcast Addict app is quite simple and looks amazing to be fair. It’s actually quite smooth in terms of navigation and helps you quickly find what you’re looking for.

There are quite a lot of other features in the Podcast Addict app that makes it a great choice for listening to Podcasts. If you wish to install the app on your PC, then go ahead and follow the steps shared in the below guide.

How To Install Podcast Addict App On PC

In order to download and install the Podcast Addict App on your PC, you will have to take the help of an android emulator. Otherwise, you cannot install the Podcast Addict app since there is no PC version available as of now. You can perform the below mentioned steps to install the Podcast Addict App on your PC.

  1. Go ahead and download the Nox Player android emualtor on your PC using a web browser.
  2. First, extract the emualtor folders using WinRar on your PC and place them on desktop.
  3. Open up the extracted folders of the emualtor and right click on the “Setup” file of the emualtor.
  4. Click on the “Run As Admin” option and grant the admin permission to begin the installation.
  5. Now choose a folder where you wish to isntall the emualtor and follow the on-screen steps.
  6. After installing the emualtor, open it up and wait for the initial setup process to be completed.
  7. Open up the Google Play Store from the home screen of the emualtor and wait for a few seconds.
  8. Sign in to your Google account by entering your account credentials on the next screen.
  9. Type in “Podcast Addict” in the search box of the Play Store and wait for the results to show up.
  10. Click on the “Install” and the app would begin to download on your Nox Player emualtor.

After the app has been downloaded, it will be installed automatically on your emulator within a few seconds. Thereafter, you can launch the app from your home screen and start using it.

Is There Something Like Podcast Addict For PC?

Originally, the Podcast Addict has been designed for android devices only. Therefore, it is available in Google Play Store and can be operated on android devices only. As of now, the developer of the Podcast Addict app hasn’t given any information regarding the launch of the PC version.

In short, the Podcast Addict app cannot be installed directly on a PC. However, there is a workaround for this, you can actually use the Podcast Addict app on your PC with the help of an android emualtor. We’ve shared the exact steps that you need to follow in the above guide in order to isntall the Podcast Addict App on your PC. It works both for Windows and Mac PCs.

Wrapping Up

The Podcast Addict app has become an ideal app among Podcast lovers all over the world, it has been downloaded by a lot of people in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the app isn’t available for PC though, but you can still use it on your PC by installing the Podcast Addict app using an Android emualtor as mentioned in the above guide. Go ahead and follow the above steps to get started, let us know if you face any issues with the process.

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