Top Devops Tools

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a combination of development and operations. It is a collaboration which ensures that there is enhanced connection as well as synergy between software development and software operations. If we consider the impact created by DevOps, then it would not be wrong to state it as a movement which will ensure proper automation as well as monitoring of all the software construction steps.

Apart from that there are options available for devops training which can make an individual aware about trends and hacks in this domain.

Top DevOps tools

This is a fact that the job related to DevOps is not easy, rather it is lengthy and tiring. For this reason, the team which is entirely dedicated to working towards DevOps movement has certain tools which they use as their optimum resources. The top DevOps tools are discussed below in details:

  • SolarWinds Log and Event Manager

This is a tool which is available for a free trial for an approximate duration of 14 days. It offers extremely reliable IT managementtop DevOps tools tools to the team.

Apart from this, this tool has attractive features such as licensing which is node-based, licenses for 30 to almost 2500 nodes. This helps in pointing out security issues and allows easier troubleshooting.

  • Jenkins

The best thing about this tool is that this tool is entirely free in nature. Jenkins is entirely responsible for tracking the executions of jobs which need to be repeated. Jenkins is basically an automation engine which ensures that outputs are received in a prompt way and the changes are made in the most simplified way possible.

This tool is easy to set up and due to the presence of a defined Java-based program, it can work in synergy with almost all the operating systems. Apart from this, Jenkins ensures that there is a proper delivery of the assigned task. 

  • Vagrant

Vagrant is an important tool which is responsible for creating an environment which is easy and portable. Another important factor which makes this tool in demand is that this tool is entirely free of cost.

The download and installation process of Vagrant is extremely simplified and works in almost all of the operating systems. 

  • PaperDuty

This is an important tool which helps to protect the reputation of certain brands and it helps to maintain proper customer experience as well. PaperDuty is a tool which provides a free trial for almost 14 days.

This tool has a quick detection power for problems and it possesses event intelligence which is helpful in nature.

  • Ganglia

This tool is also free of cost which is one of the reasons for its high demand. This tool is used for the purpose of dealing with high-level systems such as clusters and grids. Ganglia implement tools such as XML, RRD as well as XDR.

  • Snort

This free tool is entirely used for security purposes. This tool is known to have millions of registered users and it has been downloaded a number of times. This tool detects activities such as CGI attacks, OS fingerprinting attempts and much more.

It is not unknown that these tools have high proficiency and the performance and the success rates of devops depend upon them in many aspects. There are plenty of such tools available which are designed specifically for the purpose of enhancement.

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