How to use CMMS for Equipment Management

Technological advancement has not only affected various walks of life but this sort of advancements has also confirmed to be very advantageous for business industry as well.

Nowadays, majority of business organizations and companies are implementing plenty of computer programs and software to accelerate production and business growth as well. Use of different business software such as CMMS in the right way not only help business owners to get business tasks accomplished efficiently but also enable them to make their business activities bigger in order to generate more revenues.

As CMMS software is one of the business solutions that not only aid a company or organization to create preventive maintenance plan but provides other advantages as well such as asset or equipment management.

Problem of most companies is that they don’t always perform effective equipment management to keep an eye on their tools that employees or workers are using.

Thankfully, almost all latest CMMS software are developed with asset management features to keep track of all business assets efficiently. And this piece of article is loaded with an ultimate guide on how to use CMMS for equipment management.

Tips to use computerized maintenance management software for asset management

Gather detailed equipment information

CMMS software provides you enough room to add all possible details of your equipment or assets for effective asset management.

First of all you need to collect equipment information such as serial numbers, Equipment tracking ID, make &model, manufacturer, purchase dates and warranty details etc. All these details will assist you for better asset tracking and management when you are using maintenance software for this purpose.

Make Equipment hierarchies

Establishing relationship between different assets or equipment can help you improve asset management in a great way. For this purpose, you can identify equipment as a vital part of another one. For instance, compressor can be known as a part of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system of the company.

By doing so, you will not be capable to manage your assets but will also help you know that if one equipment (compressor) is down for maintenance; the other equipment or system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning system) will also be out of function for specific period of time.

Categorize all your equipment

It would be great for you to make different categories for all your equipment on the basis of their functions or structure in order to make the asset management easier and efficient.

Streamlining the preventive maintenance plan by categorizing business asset could be a plus point for your organization as it also helps you define standardized operations for all equipment listed in a particular category.

Parts and inventory management

Spares and inventory management is one of the great benefits of CMMS software as it generates automatic maintenance reminders ahead of time that enables the organization to stay on the top of inventory levels by placing timely orders.

Through this way, your organization will be able to perform effective inventory management to complete the maintenance jobs without facing troubles.

Collect operational history

For effective asset management, you should also gather equipment’s operational history such as number of breakdowns till the time, maintenance work done, parts changes and other issues reported by operators etc.

It is something that makes the asset tracking process resourceful but also enables the facility management department to take better decision about it like replacement of the equipment or very next maintenance etc.

Keep other handy details on record

Taking pictures of the assets during breakdowns, engineering drawings and equipment assessment reports are some useful details and data that can help company or maintenance department in different situations such as very next repairing work needs to be done or replacement of the specific assets etc

Train your employees on tool tracking

Last but not least, because it can be great thing for your organization as your workforce will be able to track and manage assets themselves.

Before using CMMS for asset management, make sure your workers are aware of the steps to use and track tools according to the system.

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