The Top 5 Most Essential Features For Your Real Estate Agency App

We don’t live in the days where people had to go from one real estate broker to another in order to find out information on homes and property anymore. Those days are now long gone.

Today, all one has to do is research property listings online, or better yet, on a mobile app. You can even apply for a mortgage online. With a strong majority of people, especially millennials, using mobile apps as part of the process for researching and buying homes.

This is why having an app for real estate agents at your agency will be so important. It will enable your agency to keep up with the times by using the latest technology, make the home buying process more convenient for customers and clients, and also provide your agency with very valuable information on your customers as well.

But at the same time, your real estate app is only going to do your agency any good if it’s high quality and comes with the right features that your customers will thank you for. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Here are the top five most essential features that your real estate agency app needs to have:

1 – Administrator Panel

First and foremost, your app is going to need an administrator panel. The reason why this is so important is because one of the top reasons for your real estate agency having an app in the first place is because of the valuable tracking information on your customers and what listings are the most popular it will provide you with.

But none of this will be possible if you don’t have an admin panel. Your admin panel can include features such as a reports section, where the admin of the app will manage repost and requests, a user management section (where you manage users), an add or remove property section, currently converter, and customer support manager for a few different ideas. A section where you can keep track of which listings are viewed the most will also be of great value as well.

2 – 3D Property View

It’s essentially a given that your app will need to have a 3D property view feature for your customers. This is something that homebuyers will be very interested in seeing when either using a real estate app or even when just viewing listings online.

The main benefit behind a 3D property view for your customers is that it enables them to essentially view the entire property without actually being there themselves. Furthermore, if they really like what they see through the 3D property view, the chances of them wanting to view and later buy the property will go up tremendously.

3 – Mortgage Calculator

This is another absolutely critical feature to have as well, because it will be an invaluable tool for potential home buyers to determine whether they can actually afford the property and homes you have for sale. In short, a mortgage calculator is just convenient.

4 – Communication Feature

There should also be a feature that enables potential home buyers to communicate with your real estate agents directly. Simply leaving the email address and phone number of your real estate agents up to see is not good enough.

Rather, your app should have a messaging feature where potential clients can message your agents directly. If they want to switch to phone or email later, that’s absolutely fine, but a direct messaging feature on the app will still prove to be very useful.

5 – Geo-Location Tagging

Last but not least, your app will need to have a geo-location tagging feature. This will make it easy for users of interactive apps to find properties and homes in the area. What a geo-location tagging feature will do is use the GPS location of a smartphone to make location-based property and house hunting possible.In other words, it makes use of your home’s GPS feature so people can see any homes and properties for sale in the area in real-time.

The Most Essential Features For Your Real Estate Agency App

If done right, your real estate agency app will be able to do many things from enabling you to stay connected with your customers, allows a better property viewing experience for potential home buyers, and simply making the overall home buying process easier for you and the client alike.

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