Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games in School

Is there really any way to stop kids from playing games these days? With teachers having to negotiate for the attention of students against a non-stop barrage of violent games, we may be looking at an era of compromise rather than force.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of playing video games in school.

The Pros of Playing:

Games can be used as a rewards system for schoolchildren. If teachers have certain students who finish an assignment before others, gaming can be a good way to keep them out of trouble.

Games can be used for educational purposes. There is nothing better than finding a great game that also teaches a concept that may otherwise be difficult for kids to understand. Within the context of a game, the students may pick up on the content more easily.

Games are also a great way to quantify performance and assess how students are doing relative to each other. Grades are one thing, but there are certain nuances of performance that are better assessed through other methods. Games can also be hooked up to direct rewards mechanisms to encourage students to improve. If you’re looking for some good games, you should definitely check the games collection on this website.

The Cons of Playing:

Kids can quickly become addicted to games. If a certain game is helping a child to learn a concept, that’s great. However, children may not want to move on if the game itself is charming, even though the lesson plan calls for a new concept.

Children can find themselves going down the “rabbit hole” of games. That is, kids who start out playing one game will soon find themselves distracted into a completely different one. It can be difficult to pull students out of the rabbit hole, especially if a teacher has to get a certain point across within a specified period of time.

Some kids may not master certain games as quickly as others. Even if a game is tied to an academic concept, some children may not pick up on the mechanics of the game as quickly as others.

Games can actually be used as a useful distraction in the classroom. For instance, sites like provide entertainment for kids while teachers are waiting on other students. It is best to use sites that teachers and administrators can be sure are safe and provide games that are suitable for certain age groups.

Although there are some problems with using games in the classroom, there are many advantages to the strategy as well. If you are an educator, make sure that you are connecting with your students using games as a catalyst whenever possible. However, you should be able to take the reins back and move into more traditional forms of education when the situation calls for it. Using games for certain purposes can be a great thing, and for others, old school teaching methods are best. Use both to give yourself the best chance at success!

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