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Find a Wrap that Matches the Unique Curves of the Galaxy S7

The whole world is taking notice of Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S7. Released only two short months ago, it’s already the phone manufacturer’s fastest selling model, beating out the previous S6 and S5 by more than double. It’s reached the top of hundreds of “best of” list from critics and consumers alike. And now that you have one in your hand, you can understand why. The space-efficient AMOLED curved display with Smart Power Saving is only the tip of the iceberg. Once you get exploring the S7, you realize it’s got the power, performance, and style to back up all of the claims.

There’s only one problem. For all that Samsung invested in its development, it barely spared any thought or material on its protection. Besides the water-proof chassis made out of Gorilla Glass (an upgrade from the last Galaxy), there’s no system in place to protect your S7. It, just like any other cellphone, is vulnerable to scratches, scuffs, and drops. And, unlike any other phone, the Galaxy S7 is defenceless against the seemingly harmless finger smudge.

Galaxy S7

If you’ve had your S7 for longer than a day, then you know the level of grime build up is particularly heinous. You could spend the rest of your time with this phone polishing off fingerprints and hoping you never scratch, scuff, or drop your phone; or, you could do something about it.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to sink tons of money in order to protect your phone, nor do you have to sacrifice any of the sophisticated style that the S7 is renowned for. There are manufacturers of vinyl skins that engineer affordable, tight-fitting products that save your smartphone from damage. Expect nothing less than material measured in millimetres like the 3M vinyl used in dbrand products. Their skins add only 0.23 millimetres to the overall size of the phone. And the fit around the S7’s curved edge display, ports, and buttons should be within a micro-millimetre. It can be difficult to conceptualize when you’re talking about micro-millimetres, so go online to check out There you’ll see how well a superior skin fits.

When a S7 skin is snug around the gadget, then you can be sure your phone is protected. A proper defence can never be overstated. While the latest Galaxy may be winning critics’ choice, it’s still a highly fragile piece of technology. Something as benign as the rough, reclaimed wood counter at your favourite café can scuff up the delicate Gorilla Glass backing. But with a skin firmly attached, you can slide it up and down that counter without worry of any scratches. And since it’s made out of vinyl, you also won’t have to worry about spills or smudges ruining the function or look of your S7.

The best part of it all, this protection won’t break the bank. It’s an affordable addition to your device that you can count on. It could mean saving a lot of money down the road, too, so go online to see what sort of options is available. You might be surprised to find that the best skins Galaxy S7 users opt for come in a variety of colours and textures, so you can customize your gadget as you like.

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