Top DevOps Tools for Dev-Ops Engineers

Today we list out the Top DevOps tools that are must have for any DevOps engineers. Many of the open-source DevOps tools that we have listed here have been out there for quite some time now and are loved by all the DevOps engineers out there. So without any further due, let’s get started with the list of the best DevOps tools for DevOps engineers and get devops training.

Top DevOps Tools for Dev-Ops Engineers


Nagios is one of the best infrastructure monitoring tools out there. Even though there are many newly launched infrastructure monitoring tools available currently, Nagios is still one of the leading tools in its niche mainly because there is a very active and sizeable community of contributors who actively create plugins for Nagios.


Monit is a tool whose primary role is to make sure that any process at any given time is up and working properly in the respective machine. For instance, in case there is a failure or error that has occurred in a process on Apache, the Monit tool will help you in restarting the process in Apache process in no time. The initial setup process of Monit is fairly straightforward and simple.

ELK Stack

This is one of the most commonly used log analytics tools. ELK Stack helps in actively collecting log information from all the servers, services, networks, applications, and tools in an environment and later collaborate all the data into a central and single location for analyzing and processing the data effectively. The ELK Stack is also a great tool to reduce the amount of time taken to mitigate issues related to the operation and also to troubleshoot any possible problems and also for service monitoring. Apart from these uses, ELK stack can also be used for audits and security purposes. is yet another open-source tool that is built as an option to discover and configure micro-service applications. implements the latest tech out there to provide internal DNS names for the services. works as an intermediate tool that will help to register and sign domain names which will allow you to access names of services instead of any specific type machines.


Ansible is one of the configuration management tools for DevOps. Even though there are other alternatives like Chef and Puppet which offers the same functionality with even more features and is popular among developers, Ansible is well-acclaimed for the level of simplicity of the tool. In comparison to Ansible, the above-mentioned Puppet and Chef feel quite complex to use. The main use of Ansible is for deployment of configuration and also to re-configure and push out changes to machines that are newly-deployed.

Final Words

Hope you found the above list of the top DevOps tools that are must have for any DevOps engineer helpful. If you are a DevOps engineer and in case any of your favorite DevOps tools are missing from the list, please mention them in comments below and we will add them to the list.

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