Essential Film Making Gadgets You Need To Get In The Video Business

It used to be quite difficult to make a breakthrough in the filmmaking industry, but today, one can get noticed online even by shooting videos with a smartphone. Thanks to the development of technology, it’s easier to make something special without breaking the bank.

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However, this doesn’t mean that you will get away with a few cheap shots because becoming a movie professional requires more than an interesting idea and a 5 megapixel camera. Some investments have to be made which include essential movie making gadgets. So, before you start selecting the location and gathering a crew, first you need to take care of your equipment.

The Road to Success Is Paved with the Basics

That’s right; in order to call yourself a filmmaker, you need to start with the basics. And, what is a foundation of every good shoot? Of course, the camera. A camera is a vital part and a decisive factor in film production. The type of camera you choose will determine the kind of film you are shooting.

For the most part, this division is marked by two options. Are you shooting a short film or a feature movie? In either case, you want quality HD resolution, but for short films, the cameras used are mainly professional DSLR cameras from providers such as Canon. The good news is that they can be found cheap. On the other hand, feature films require a bit of extra HD resolution, hence, the common range of cameras for this occasion varies between Sony F5, Red Epic, and something like ARRI.

Furthermore, what makes a camera so special and different from all the rest? You know it, lenses are the best part of it. They are the ones changing perspectives and shaping the film. Therefore, if you are going with a DSLR camera, you will need to consider acquiring 5 lenses, although the two can somewhat make the cut. Or you may first try renting a Kowa Anamorphic lens or any type of lens you prefer, to test which kind will be the most helpful to you.

Ready, Steady, Go! 

Slow down and think about the shakes you will have without a tripod. Without them, you can’t have a steady workflow and mesmerizing shoots. When it comes to shooting, the movie doesn’t revolve only around the camera, but the camera accessories as well. What you need is a tripod mounted camera to get zero shakes. They are not expensive, thus, you can easily find a tripod that will do you good for about $20 to $80 bucks.

Not to forget the tape, a couple of memory cards, and a hard drive are important also. Memory cards and external hard disks are the tapes used in digital cameras, so be sure to pack at least 2 memory cards and one or two external storage tools to secure your process of work. After all, you never know what can happen on the set – better safe than sorry!

The same goes for a laptop, monitor, and a dolly. A laptop is the ultimate storage place providing instant backup, shots preview, and editing. Likewise, for monitoring and directing the shooting, you will need a monitor to see how what you are trying to achieve translates to the big screen. And a dolly, well, you need to have some track shots, don’t you?

Additional advice is to consider the beauty of aerial shots. If you are not afraid to take that risk, consider acquiring a drone camera for assistance. Although some of the best drone cameras may seem a bit pricey, surely you can find the one suitable to your budget.

Staying in the Spotlight

Lighting is another critical point of shooting. What you are going to need in this department are reflectors to make the actors and the whole film vibe more attractive. For the same purpose, you will need to choose the lighting kit which corresponds to your financial plans. Naturally, if you are willing to invest more, you can check out the advanced light settings such as Arc Lamp or Redhead Light.    

There you have it, you are now ready to enter the filmmaking business. These are the essentials of shooting which every professional uses to portray their vision in the best possible manner. So, take your time, consider your options, and see how it concords with your finances. At the end, think about your art and make the most of what you have.

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